Let's Talk... Body Shapes & Social Media Influence 2019

Hello, Guys, Im AMagic. Today we are gonna talk about pressures on having the perfect body shape, men & women. So this problem with having the perfect body shape has been going on for tons of decades. Which is why we are here to talk about it. Please, DONt get political!!


I believe social media has a lot to do with pressures on having the perfect body, for males, its that they have to be muscular, they have to be fit, they have to be attractive. Social media shows millions of people what they are doing to stay in perfect shape, and its really sad what they are doing because some of them are already so SkInNy!!! But lets talk about the other people in the world. They want the business to show diverse body shapes, which is very understandable I agree with them. But at the same time businesses are caught up in social media as well.

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Brutally true :pensive:

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I agree :100:

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I’m a pretty chubby person in reality, I’ve got lots of stomach flab. (More than most girls do.) And trust me, looking at all of these skinny-legend, perfectly figured, beautiful models on social media and in magazines does not help me at all.

I have been trying to burn some of the weight off, but I’m always getting out of the exercising method’s habit, because of how lazy the atmosphere of my house is.

I don’t like these ‘perfect body expectations’ that society has put out for us. Our differences are what make us human. We shouldn’t be pressured or put down in order to change ourselves. Honestly, my shape is not my key to a perfect life, it’s my happiness. I believe that happiness is the key to living successfully!


This is really sad to think about. I have a friend who is chubby and people tease her sometimes but she has great self eestem and doesn’t let that get that in her way.


I think I’m really chubby and everything, but all my friends say I’m good (it doesn’t help honestly). I have actually never liked my body, but I have dealt with it by just wearing oversize clothes (oversize is actually really comfy and is kinda trendy so nobody notices :shushing_face:)
So yeah that’s me, but sry if I offended u, cuz it’s just my view.


Especially with black women. Rates of body dysmorphia have increased.


As far as body image goes… I just think it’s good for first impressions and stuff, but doesn’t really matter besides that. Like, if you were a beautiful person but totally mean then I would just start seeing you as ugly just because of your personality. Anybody who is nice I just automatically see as beautiful. I mean, I still have issues with my body, but it doesn’t really matter and I should just learn to appreciate what I have because it’s not going anywhere lol or going to change. If people don’t like me the way I am then they don’t deserve me as friends lol- I, or anyone else, don’t need those types of people in our lives.


It’s worse when you’re race is stereotyped in a way you’re not “genetically blessed” in, in the sense that, imagine if you lost all that weight but your natural born shape doesn’t match the normal description. (As in one beauty standard after another.)

Such as, having a thick, vase body shape for a black women, or being skinny, but with curves for a white girl, or a Coke bottle shape for a Hispanic girls (like clishe movies with the Spanish girl). Please correct me if I’m wrong, these are prime examples I see on social media and movies or entertainment.


I think it is less that media put the pressure on us to have perfect body shape and it is more our own fault for thinking that the people you see on instagram are ideal body type.

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