Let's talk Epi!

Hello whoever has decided to read this! I hope you’re havong a wonderful day/night/evening :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

So I had this idea. I want to start a story, well its not a story per say… its like, (if you have watched it) Ellen the generous sort of. Where I’d talk to people from all over the community and give helpful advice on writing, directing, story ideas, ect ect and more! Maybe even contests where people from the episode community would participate in challenges, like their characters in episodes so to speak :joy:

But I don’t know if I should continue with this idea… Id like some advice. And if you do think I should pursue this idea and you would like to join in- leave you details down below + your forums user and instagram! (if you have instagram haha) and if you want, tag friends who you think would support this idea :heart:

ANNDDDD what do you think it should be called?

I’ll post videos on my instagram and much more, I have a lot planned if I pursue this idea and I honestly want to…

tags (please let me know if you wanna be un-tagged, they were all random :joy:)
@Baleigh_episode @MSoldin0403 @SkyM @Zagical @Danielle318 @miss.keisha @Alishia_Episode

btw, please dont steal this idea :sob: PLEASE Not saying you would though…

And my instagram is @writes.eriana so feel free to spam my dm’s :joy:


Thanks! That means a lot luvie :heart:

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Queen let’s do this!:heart:

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Haha ty luv

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I’d love to do this.

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Yeah! Just dm me when u wanna continue

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Really?! That would be amazing! Dm and I’ll give you the details if youd like to join

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Instagram or here? If it’s here anyone that want to join can be put in a group chat. :blush:

Good idea! The more the merrier And either is good for me!

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Ok, shall I make the chat or you?

Yeah, because i got no idea how to do it :joy:

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@Zagical @SkyM @miss.keisha @MSoldin0403

@Danielle318 and I are making a group chat for this, so if yall wanna join feel free to let us know



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Hey ! I think this is actually an amazing idea !!

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omg im glad you think so!

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This a great idea!

Maybe call it the “advisory of the epi queens.” :joy: :joy:

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hahhaha :joy:

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