Yoo,What’s UP?
This summer is extremely boring!!! :tired_face:

1.What is your favourite story?
2.What’s your favourite showw?

What do yo think about this new fucking boring stupid,clishe bad boy story “In my bed?”

You can already see what I think lmqo.

#stopbadboystories ! :hugs:

I’m bored too. I can’t decide a favourite story or show lol.

Episode should follow their own guidelines. Their newest story, In the Bed, is nonsense. We don’t even have the option to report their stories whereas other stories have been banned when these newer Episode stories are worse.

Episode needs to stop being hypocrites. Their stories contain almost everything which isn’t in the guidelines. I thought ‘It Starts With a Bra’ was bad but the new story is worse. Episode’s guidelines you can only show nudity in a tasteful way, the choices which make the characters nude in In the Bed are not tasteful in any way. In conclusion, it is a waste of space and should be deleted.

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Oh,my,god I JUST saw In my bed screenshots and ome people commenting about It?
The fuck is happening with Episode team?
ask him to wear your panties?
First scene ? They are “naked”
What is next ? They will make an animations for sex?? :neutral_face:

^I took these two and that was it. I couldn’t even screenshot the rest because I was so disturbed.

Yeah, it starts off with the bad boy and the MC basically naked in bed. And the options are so wrong. The story also has a wonderful token black best friend. :roll_eyes:

Episode would rather be writing this messed up :poop: instead of approving backgrounds and overlays.

That character Shane look like Shane (youtuber) wtf? :no_mouth:

:woman_shrugging:t3: It’s a whole lot of messed up :poop:.

And they have never used those bubbles for stories THEY ARE LAZYY!

Hello! To be honest, I didn’t even open the story. That’s what happens when you write to many sexual stories, and breaking your own guidelines. Readers won’t even bother to open it

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I don’t even know what’s going on with them. I thought It Starts with A Bra was bad, but this is a whole lot worse.

What the fuck is that conversation?
Whooo writed thiss :face_vomiting:

Sorry, but most likely a horny person who needs a therapist. :woman_facepalming:t3:

Some people are messed up,and loo:face_vomiting:king like those people are all in Episode writer team

That person needs to visit therapist,definitely :newspaper:

Yep! As soon as possible.

Lmao sometimes when I get updates about it starts with a bra I laugh. Like, “Who ever said I’m gonna read that?”

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I read 2 chapters and watched some youtube videos,becuse NUH,UH I’m not going to spend my tickets on some messed up :poop:. ,
BAD BOYS,you can spot them?-
That’s how story started and when I hear word bad boy I already knew It’s going to be one shity story.But I read one more chapter becuse it is story recommend by episode,but now I know,those recommend by epiode are the worst. :tickets:

:joy: Tbh When I saw the pink dot I thought I got a new follower or something.

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I mean we have
Crush on Mr.bad boy,Bed boy’s girl,Chain Reaction:Lost,Gangs,My brothers best friend,Pregnant by my studed,Pregnant by a killer,and a lot more

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Pink dot?:face_with_raised_eyebrow: