Let's Talk (I'm bored)



I’m bored,so I decided to make this forum to talk to random people and other shit.
So, I’mma start off by saying.






How’s life.


I like to eat popcorn and other shit how about ya’ll.


Just :expressionless:


Uhm, mood.


Yes. I like pizza.


Give me some popcorn and pizza, I’m hungry…ugh


I do too.
Cheese pizza for life.


Have you seen these food commercials, whenever the person takes a bite i just fucking open my mouth widely.


Suffering, isn’t it? :pensive:


Heyy I’m Rari, what’s good?




Damn it, my train will be 15 mins late


Pizza is good, and nothing has been going on in my life, except for the fact that school is starting in 2 days and im prepared to die, hbu


Lucky. I bus to school is always early.


My bus comes at 7:35.


Mine comes around that time, too.


I was freaking out this morning cos my bus was came at 7:54 instead of 7:24 (school starts at 8:15 :persevere:) but then 15 mins into the wait I realised missed the first one :smile: