Let's talk.....Low Self Esteem!


Hi! I am a kid diagnosed with low self-esteem.


This is gonna be hard to talk about XD
Alright, so, I have low self-esteem. But for anyone else with low self-esteem, don’t think it bad. Take it as a gift! We are different from other people…

I - In a way… XD

Alright, but seriously though, this is a topic where all people diagnosed with low self-esteem can talk!


If it was just low self-esteem, I’d be happy :joy:

However, being diagnosed with low self-esteem isn’t always bad. People can’t say your annoying because you always talk about how great you are :woman_shrugging:


i agree


I think people with low self-esteem are more awesome-er (excuse the vocabulary xD) as at least they don’t fan themselves with unnecessary amounts of credits. They are not the people with high hopes and view the world with a vision which is strategic and contemplates both positive and negative aspects of life. They don’t take things for granted and try to do their best in everything :yellow_heart:

I myself am a person with low self-esteem, I agree. And I have seen various other people with even more lower self-esteem than me which lead to some…undesirable stuff (rather not talk about). I put the above judgement on the basis of what I have seen in those people.

Thanks for putting up this topic. I am sure it would help many out there :yellow_heart:


I wasnt diagnosed with low self esteem but i did have it, i still struggle with it constantly


I was scared too at first, of them. My grandparents (too much orthodox and religious) said that these were evil omens and I should stay away from them. So, being young and stupid, I stayed away from them. But growing up, you learn new things. My parents came back and we shifted to a new place. Your peers and elders start teaching you something new and big and you change. So, I started to see those people in a new perspective and understood what was really going on with them (please don’t hate me :cry:).


Why would I hate you?


Because, one way or the other, I am also swayed away by religion sometimes. I also support it, even when I know that it is wrong, or else, you know :disappointed_relieved:


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I’m an adult and I’ve had low self esteem since I was around 11. Even though I’m much older now, I still harbor negative feelings about myself.


Hey. I haven’t been diagnosed specifically with low self esteem but it does come along with my mental illnesses. I don’t have anything inspiring to say, but I wanted to come on here so you know there’s someone else who understands what you’re going through.