Let's talk....Transgender!


So, I cannot talk about being trans, cuz it makes me feel strange about myself. But, transgender people are the same as normal people, just that they wish to be the different gender! People look at trans people as weird, but I say that they are just people trying to fit in!

So I have one note to you guys:

Transgender people are the same as normal people!!!

Alright, now that that’s clear, you can talk about anything now on this topic.


… Hi.




What are you doing?


XD I’m not doin much


How bout you?


I’m being triggered by Tumblr posts-


XD We’ve all been there


Except me because I don’t have tumblr


I don’t have either, I just ended up finding a profile of a Poc extremist-




My DNA is offending someone, oops ¯_(ツ)_/¯


XD That’s the internet nowadays.


You can’t talk without someone that gets triggered, oh well!


Omg! I just need to get @ChaoticDeluge in on this nonsense! What is the world coming to!

I just wanna point out that my little sister is half Indian and half Irish… and she gets her curls from the Irish side.

What does “textured hair” even mean?! Everything has texture :rofl:


Ikr :'3