Lets talk virgin

so i just read a story where a doctor told her she was not raped cause he could still see she was a virgin

there is no physical way to see if a woman (or a man) is a virgin.

wanna know more watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ikXim4wevc


that is true.


There is mental though. Such as morning sickness, mood swings(yikes!), and the MOST TORTUREOUS MOMENT! FOOD CRAVING!!!:scream::scream::sob::sob::sob:

The big belly won’t show up until what, 4th months of pregnancy and in the 2nd trimester?

that is pregnancy, not virginity. something completely different.


Ayyye It’s Adam ruins everything!!!:grin:


okay, if that’s true then how do rape kits work? :thinking: plus there probably isn’t a for sure way of telling, but I do believe that there are ways of telling if (I only think this works for females) has had sex recently or have been pregnant.

now i’m not 100% sure, but I’m curious :woman_shrugging:

Well, I wouldn’t trust anything “Adam Ruins Everything” says just because he says it, but that doesn’t mean that you aren’t correct.

The hymen being broken can be an indicator, but since it doesn’t always break since it is stretchy and stuff, gynecologists can’t tell if a woman is a virgin or not.

Rape kits use swabs to try and get evidence like DNA. That’s why they say wear the same clothes and don’t shower because you risk getting rid of the evidence.

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Wow, that… Makes no sense. Unless you’re using a rape kit or something.

How… what… why?..No. Just, just no. Boi! You can not tell if my vagina has had some :smirk: just by looking at it. Shut the fuck up!


Wow, that post makes me really uncomfortable as an ace coming from another ace. X"DDDDDDDD

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Yeah fair enough

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btw be carefull looking this stuff up. there comes alot of adult stuff up


if i would i would show actually picture of where hymen is. but i dont think the mods would like it if i did that

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@_haruka is sigh_disappointed

Yeah but they have like a whole research team and stuff and they add professionals on the show to approve there work, watch the video

55 seconds ok.


Well I suppose the writer meant that the doctor could tell she hadn’t been raped maybe because they weren’t any visible signs of the force like bruises rather than her still being a virgin?

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she litarraly sayed her viginity was still intact

Oh, then maybe she just didn’t understand. Like in the video link, it showed a lot of people who believed wrong things.

Once I asked my cousin who is very smart if he thought that this guy I was talking to was a virgin and without even looking at him my cousin said yes, because he sounded edgy.