Let's Try Something Different》

Hey, there!:wave:
I have a question —
I’m thinking 'bout starting a story on episode. But it’s going to be a tad different from the usual stories. Actually, I was thinking 'bout what if I write a new story in every ‘episode’? Like, in every chapter there will be a new plot, new characters and ofcourse, a new storyline.
What y’all think? Would you give it a try? :blob_sun:


Oooo I’ve read something like that before. I think the idea is really cool, go for it :grin:

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go for it!

I think ive seen sum similar to this


Thanks, girl!:handshake:

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Yeh imma do it! thanks!:yellow_heart:

That sounds really cool and creative! I love reading stories that come up with different concepts.

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Same here and thanks!:sparkles:

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Ty :’)

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