Let's Wait a Bit/Let's talk about our future on here


Hey guys! You probably don’t know who I am since I’m posting under another username, but just listen to me for a sec. Why don’t we wait until the these Forums are out of Beta, and/or we have a New Ideas thread to start spamming a bunch of roleplay ideas. In the old forums, the New Ideas thread was were members could post their RP and SG ideas to see how much interest they’d receive, before creating a sign up thread, because it’s no use creating a sign up thread if no ones going to sign up. So right now we could chat on this thread a bit, thinking about the future of this forum. And that’s my two bits. :smile:


yeah and also not all the roleplayers from old forums have signed up for the new forums yet, i think we should wait for everyone else to come on as well?


Mehek (the owner of that thread) hasn’t been online today, we’ll suggest to her that she should make it when she comes online.


Yeah I agree. I’d just need to know how to delete posts, so I can restart Fairytaled when it is time.


I kind of love the new format of the forums, its great how you can see other users typing, and then their post automatically comes on the screen - whereas on the old one you had to refresh the tab. It would be perfect if we had the old roleplays on here though… :frowning: but it’s a new beginning, right?


This is so cool too!!

howwww cooolllll isss thiisss!!!

sorry i was getting really excited about the new features :blush:


I’m kinda sad about how the comments are set up though. It’s hard to tell if someone’s commenting or not


oh yeahh, it just looks the same as normal posting


I agree, we should probably wait for everyone to join these forums before starting anything major.


Yeah. I kind of wish these forums laid out comments similar to how the old one did.
Things can get confusing pretty quickly with this layout.


I kind of like this new forums but there are a few things I’ll need to get used to. And yeah, I think we should wait until most members come here.


Remember guys, this is still the Beta. So we aren’t completely cut off from the old Forums yet.


That’s true but I still wish that we could at least look at the old forums even if we weren’t able to post on it? But oh well.


I know right? They could’ve at least done that for us.


I guess we’ll just have to make new memories on this when it is the actual, new forums.


@Mashia definitely :potato:




OH NO, the limit is 20 characters WHAT WHY


I know right? It’s even worst than the 10 char rule! WHY FORUMS WHY!!!


Haha, I knew you would like that! :blush:


MEHEK I seee youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.