Let's write a bomb kissing scene!

I am almost done writing the 3 first episodes of my 3rd story, there is a kissing scene and I want to make a spicy narration to go with it. What do you guys like to read along with a kissing scene?

Here is a preview of the last one that I wrote:

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I lost a battle today.

Even though he disconnected our hearts...

I still craved him.

I would lie if I said that I kissed him to see history.

In all honesty, I kissed him to make history.

This moment was more than it should have been.

The moment our lips collided, the whole world stopped, no more chaos, no more fear, no more anything.

It was just us, just like the first time I saw him.

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@speechbubble is 168 191 to 100%
With his lips against mines, I felt lost in the moment.

And so did he, I could feel his body clenching toward mine.

Wanting, no, demanding for more.

This quickly became more than a share of memory.

For his hands uncontrollably started to explore my body.

Contouring every inch of my curves.

From the curves of my arms.

To the curves of my hips.

To those of my legs...

In the excitement of the moment, I couldn't help but let out a soft moan.


If you are asking which one is better I would say the 1st one!! And well 2nd is also nice but I like first better

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