Let's Write A Story Together!

Hi there, my name is Iris and although I am currently in the process of writing two stories I would love to sit down with someone (figuratively) and write a story that will capture the eyes of many. I already have many ideas and I can take care of the covers. All I ask is that your decent when it comes to coding, you don’t mind the fourth wall breaking when reasonable, and you have a Gmail acc so we can type on google docs. I also ask that you keep any ideas between us as if things don’t work out, I can continue our work with someone else. Much love!


Not that good with coding but in whatever way I can help I would love to

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That’s fine, we can continue to talk over Instagram @iris.episodes

Oh you see, I’m inactive on insta, because of school, and I gave up social media for a period of time, I only use this, so sorry.
I hope you find someone who has insta and can help

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That’s quite alright, have a lovely evening!

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Thank you

hi! ill dm you right now to discuss it further