Let't talk about hobbies & interests


What do you Episoders and Episodettes like to do in your free time?

I like:

  • Going to the gym

  • Writing in my journal

  • Playing on my Play Station 4

  • Watching horror films

  • Reading stories on Episode

  • Going on the Episode forum haha


Ok you didn’t mention that … studying :joy::joy:

  • Drawing
  • Watching YouTube - especially anti-SJW channels, lol (I love comedy)
  • Writing
  • Playing video games, current obsession is Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • Playing with makeup, LOL
  • Eating and cooking
  • Going on walks, really long walks
  • Listening to music while doing mostly all of these things XD

  • Going for runs
  • Getting laughed at/laughing with friends and just generally laughing is pretty cool
  • Writing some crap
  • Listening to music
  • Watching youtubers that are honest, sarcastic, funny and raw ( for instance, Leon Lush, BionicPig, Brandon Calvillo, Cody Ko, Cynical Reviews - sniffs out the bullshit that some social media stars like to crap out and are just generally funnt)
  • Long walks along the beach (HA! I had to :joy:)
  • Reading an excellent book
  • Old school anime is starting to appeal to me

  • Reading
  • Drawing on paper/digital
  • Talking to the closest person
  • Running
  • Do anything that include dancing
  • Lol going to the forums too
  • I like checking out Instagram once in a while but only to see Artist’s works
  • Listening to music


YESSS! Fellow runner!


:sweat_smile: I prefer running over walking


Yaaay for make up. What make up do you usually wear?


I wear all sorts of kinds. Kinda have to try a bunch of different things to find what I like.

So for base, I like to use Maybelline Fit Me! liquid base. After it sets, I put on Infallible liquid of the same color in just some spots that need more coverage and then I put on powder after that. I have Mary Kay powder and a Fit Me! powder, a shade lighter than the liquid base to lighten up.

I have a ton of lip color, like…>.> I have almost every mainstream brand. My least favorite is Loreal Paris lipsticks. They don’t stay very well. Covergirl lipsticks don’t feel very good to wear, except the lipstains. I like Covergirl Outlast lipstains the most for brighter, more colorful or darker colors because it feels good when you put it on and it stays forever. LOL, my biggest problem is that I like lighter colors, like super nude. I like lipsticks that make my lips look like they’re closer or even exactly the same color as the rest of my skin, pale colors. Mary Kay doesn’t have a lot of those precious, light pink and neutral colors, but their lipsticks are honestly the best. The best lipstick I’ve found so far that also have the colors I like are definitely Revlon. Milani lipstick goes bad too quickly, so I wouldn’t get Milani lipstick ever again. Maybelline lipstick also goes bad kinda quick, but not as quickly. I have white black and gold lipsticks from Maybelline and I use the white to highlight my face. LOL

The only blush powder I use is Mary Kay and that’s because I just don’t use a lot of blush, so I don’t have the need to go explore outside of Mary Kay blush.

And for eyes, I prefer to do a liquid eye color for my lid and then do the rest with powder. Most of my eye makeup is also Mary Kay, but Elf brand is good and I like the Naked palette from Urban Decay. Most powders feel exactly the same and go on the same, save for a few different kinds. Loreal and Covergirl powders feel kind of flaky after a while, so maybe getting these brands and using them for quick stuff is better.

Wet N Wild products are okay for colorful stuff, but it also gets tired after wearing it for a while. So, I wouldn’t recommend Wet N Wild unless you use it for more Halloween-y type stuff.

I have Mary Kay for eyelashes and eyeliner. I am very, very, very picky about eyeliner and eyelash ink. I prefer liner to be in a wide, short tube and using a brush to dip into the ink and put it on that way because those usually have more eyeliner than a long, skinny tube with a brush connected to the lid. Eyeliner dries out way too quick, and usually lasts like maybe 10 uses. I’m still looking for a good eyeliner. The only kind I like is Mary Kay’s eyeliner.

I do like using Rimmel’s Scandalous Eyes eyeshadow stick for eyeliner if I’m not going to wear black eyeliner. Like I have white, gold and brown liner/shadows I use for liner, and it feels better to wear and to put on than literal “eyeliner”.

As for eyelashes, I swear by Mary Kay because the brush is 100% and the ink is 100%. With a lot of brands out there, you have to get two different tubes, use the better brush from one in the better ink from the other, LOL. However, there is one that is a good middle ground, I suppose and that is Loreal’s Voluminous Butterfly tube. The ink lasts for a while, so that’s good. The brush is alright, but there isn’t a lot of ink in the tube to use, much like a lot of eyeliners you’ll get in tubes.


So yeah.


Aw wicked. I usually wear eye make up and call it a day hehe. I usually wear eyeshadow (depending on what colour my outfit is), black gel eyeliner around the eyes and mascara. I’m allergic to face makeup as they give me really bad skin rash.


Oh no! T.T

What base have you tried? Have you tried one without parabens? They get really expensive, tho >.>


I can’t remember tbh


If you ever get a chance, if you want to try, look for the “paraben-free” labels on stuff.

Found this maybe could help. Lotus Herbals looks okay.


At home just trying to kick it:
~Tidying up one small space in my very cluttered home to feel accomplished without actually having to do that much.
~Walking my cats cause I’m that person
~Playing with hair, experimenting with makeup, which is technically my job but I enjoy doing it anyway, I know what I would look like in almost any kind of mustache and I think I would make a rather lovely mustache owner
~Finding insane reality shows from other countries on YouTube (American reality television has nothing on the UK), then turning that show into drinking games
~Listening to music, I have a kick ass vinyl collection and I will not let it become useless decor in an already cluttered apartment
(All of this I do at least a little stoned and probably mostly naked.)

Feeling like an out and about:
~Wondering around the neighborhood, I live downtown so there’s always something within walking distance to explore, coffee places, cheap food, bars, little shops, galleries etc.
~Dragging friends along when I don’t feel like wandering alone
~Karaoke, I can’t sing for shit but the less you care the funner it gets
~Hiking/camping when I feel brave enough to fuck with nature, I’ve seen a lot of horror movies, the fate of people who camp is grim
~Going to movies in the middle of the day when the theater is basically empty and I can brazenly waltz in with outside food and drinks
~Doing yoga at a designated studio with other people and an instructor, not as fun when you can’t be naked but I have good form and like the compliments so it evens out


Wow everyone have such interesting hobbies/interest.
While mine is:

  • Sleep. (a lot)

  • Listen to music (least of the time.)

  • Looking through other’s instagram (while mine is boring.)

  • trying to draw on paper but I’m completely struggling.:sweat_smile:

  • I used to play MMO and online games a lot but now I’m playing little.

  • Also reading/finding episode stories.


Field hockey
Maybe sleep


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