Letter for Artists

Dear, Artists…
Instead of comparing yourself to other artists, begging to show them how to get like them, ect.


Try to better yourself and think about “What do I need to improve?” Do remember that everyone has an different art style, though they may look alike in various of ways.

Different Techniques…
Different Skills…
Different Brushes…
Different Minds…

Some imaginations flow as they draw while others plan out before starting the draft.

Stop doubting yourself when you see others art pieces. You will never improve with the mindset you carry like that.

Don’t get mad! Don’t argue with a compliment!

I’m not saying everyone does it, but some people I know does it to fish for more

Relax and have pride.

From an episodian,

P.S: Keep on drawing…


You’re amazing :heart:

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Thank you! :heart: :blush:

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Nice letter

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This is beautifully put <3
Same thing for writers-you are all unique and have your own writing styles, don’t compare yourselves to others negatively and put yourself down.
Much love :grin::black_heart:


Ayy I like this post! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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This made me feel a little bit better not just in art and writing, but in other things I do aswell. Thanks. I needed this


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I like to think that ALL ARTISTS are good, just have different levels of skill/experience. I don’t think there is such a thing as bad art. There is only better art.

I just developed this mind set because I used to (and sometimes still do) compare my art to others, and it got to the point where art wasn’t even fun anymore. It was just: I need to get as good as that person… My art skills art terrible… etc… etc…