Letter song game


I just came up with a game (or at least I think I did, someone probably already did it.:joy:)

But basically I’ll start with a song, then someone will reply with a song that starts with the last letter of the song I said (if that makes any sense) Try not to repeat songs. If you have any questions PM me :smile:

Person 1: Broken Pieces (5 seconds of summer)
Person 2: She’s Out Of Her Mind (Blink- 182)

I’ll start:

Ready For It (Taylor Swift)


Take on me (A-ah)


E.T (Katy Perry)


Taki Taki (DJ Snake, Selena G, Ozuna, cardi B)


In your eyes


Sleepwalking (BMTH)


Goofy Goober idk if that counts :joy: (SpongeBob or smth)


Royals (Lorde)


Soldier of fortune (Deep Purple)


Earned It (The Weekend)


This love


Ease (Troye Sivan)


Everglow (Starset)


Wake me up


Paint it Black (Andy Black)

holy shit Valak’s on the forums and it’s october - this is the greatest spoopy thing to happen to me all month




Migraine - Twenty One Pilots


Everlong (Foo Fighters)


Galway Girl (Ed Sheeran)


Leave Out All The Rest (Linkin Park)