Letter Writing Game

this is also like a small fun writing activity or whatever omfl i feel like my english teacher SHFJSBJS

so basically I’ll write a scenerio and yall have to pretend that you’re sending a letter to the person above you. it’s like string a story but letter form.


scenerio: it’s the 19th century, a girl received a dreadful gift from her friend.

person A:

My dear Seraphina,
I hope this post finds you in the rouge of your health. I felt the need to express my gratitude or shall i say… my disturbance and utter horror towards the present you bestowed upon me… It was not the finest, but I have acknowledged your endeavour. Perhaps, an explanation is quite suited in this situation.
I anticipate a prompt response.
Yours lovingly,

person B:

My dear Cordelia,
I shall be direct with you here. You ought to know that I had specifically chosen the present in accordance with your temperament directed towards me. If anything, your gratefulness is much suited in this situation, for I even thought of offering a present to such a pampered lass.
Best regards,

Not my best work but you get it right?:cowboy_hat_face::point_up:


SCENERIO: it’s 19th century, post war, and a girl is sending letters to her lover, not knowing that he’s dead- so someone else writes back to her, pretending to her lover.

add plot twists, drama etc. etc. im here for it🍿


I cannot wait for your arrival home! I’ve got all the gifts ready, and all the food made. You don’t know how grateful I am that you came back for us. Oh, I didn’t tell you, Marcy stopped by. She said that they declared peace with the allies in the newspaper. I bet your smiling as you read this. Praying for your departure home to be smooth.
Love, Suzie


I am currently overseas, as you may know from our previous conversations within these flimsy, oh-so inconvenient letters. But there will be no arrival home. There will be no gifts touching my hand, no food passing my mouth, no returning to you all.
I am not proud of this, not nearly. However, it is important you know I have met someone new. Someone that makes me happier, someone more youthful and gorgeous.
This will be my last letter to you, please do not wait for me because I never want to see you again.

Sincerely, Emile


I am so confused. What do you mean you don’t want to see me again? Surely, it’s just some phase. I expect the package soon. You know what happens, darling… Maybe you should have thought about who was there for you during battle. She’s probably a nobody, a peasant. You are better off with me. After all, I have money, jewels and all the connections you could ask for, Emile. Oh Emile, don’t you love me?


I know I made you believe that I was to no longer send anymore letters. But after reading your bitter, and disgusting words, I realize that you are right. You do have my everything, but none of it matters to me. And the though of you pondering each day why you were not enough for me, will always give me pleasure. You WILL constantly think of only me, and a vague image of some other woman by my side that can give me more than you ever did. Oh, and do not worry for me, together we make plenty of money. Surely enough to get away, and never be found.

Use your connections, nothing will work.
And trust me, I will be sending a few of the soldiers that stood by my side during war to forcibly collect ALL OF MY TREASURES.


Dear Emile,
My my my, you’re a bit full of yourself. I’ve hidden all your assets. They can’t even find them, especially not your puny guards. I sit here and ponder why you became weak and pathetic. After all, Emile, I have a list of everyone you love, and I’ll cross them off my list in red ink, maybe even their blood. Your choice! Maybe your “lover” wasn’t so lovely to begin with, after all she’s MY spy! Oh, I can’t believe you fell for it!
You fool.
Love, Suzie xoxo

(These letters tho :joy:)


Dearest Suzie,
It is very ironic that you say that. If she truly were to be part of some, deception, then how committed did you want her to be? Because I must say, she’s a truly exceptional spy for putting in all of this effort to fool me. Going as far as carrying my child, unlocking those “locked” assets that you so pathetically hid. After all, hiding them on the island where I proposed isn’t exactly considered strong to me. And you can hurt them all, go ahead. I will never love anyone more than her, must hurt being replaced. I wouldn’t know, seeing as I am constantly living in your headspace free of charge.
Your one and only forever, Emile.

(I am so invested in this story, especially since I haven’t got anything to read in episode anymore lmfaoooo💀)


LMAOOO yes this story is intriguing!

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If you were truly mine, you’d know your name. What is it?
If you can’t reply, then you are a fake. My spy is the best of the best, willing to do things you never thought of. There’s always someone one step ahead of you “Emile”. I have my guards and my wife right here, you fool.
Love, the real Emile

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It is almost sad how right you truly believe you are. I admit, I am not who I was claiming to be. But I am going to be as sincere as I possibly can, and tell you that everything around you is not real. I know the truth, I know that the real Suzie is no longer with us. I was aware that one vengeful soldier was out to hurt “Emile.” I know Suzie’s wake was in September. So it is clear you are not being very honest with me either.
And riddle me this, where’s you so-called “wife” in this moment? Is she in the shower? Maybe making dinner? Or is she on a plane traveling to Spain while spending what was supposed to be your money, carelessly. I would watch out, if I were you.
My regards, Rhydian.


im just gonna let y’all continue :skull:

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you didn’t even bother to chime in, chile-:sob:


Damn this is getting so good!

you passed my test. You did the unthinkable. You’ve completed the heist. Well done, the agency will contact you within 72 hours by letter. Do not share this information with anyone else.

Federal Agent Sandra Zerang

DeAtH iS NeAr

Photo attached


With all due respect, I could not care any less for your stupid little agency. I have the means to live how ever I see fit. I do not need you, or that meaningless letter. You’ll see, I will soon come for you and these conversations will be plastered all over the news. Don’t bother to send someone to hurt me, because that’ll be one less agent for you.
Good luck, Rhydian

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