Letting people skip episodes

If choices really matter in your story and affect the ending you get; does allowing the reader to skip episodes mess up the ending for them?? Or do I have to try to make a default ending?

Yes cause they won’t have the gains/points they should have to get an ending instead of another

You can make a default ending, or you can make them make the important choices they might skip when they decide to skip the episode. I personally add random gains and points whenever someone decides to skip an episode :grimacing:

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So if they click “skip episode” you would give them a gain for that?

No, but you could also do that
What I do is this

goto recap
} “START” {
goto start
} “SKIP” {
If you skip this episode, random choices will be made for you.
Are you sure you want to | bold |skip| reset |it?

choice “Yes, I’m sure.” {
Alright then!

#gains I want to add here

goto skipepisode
} “No.” {
goto menu

and the gains depends from what they could earn in the episode

Ohh okay, thank you!

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