Letting readers choose their name

So i have a question about the character that i will make at the very beginning that the readers will rename, can i use any script name for her? like @HANNAH ? but still if someone is calling the mc while talking will i use [FIRSTNAME]?
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I’m not sure but if u search up Joseph Evans on YouTube he has a video for it I believe

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Yes, the script name can be HANNAH and you can just change the display name to FIRSTNAME

i did i just couldnt find anything that actually explains everything

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but wouldnt it show up as FIRSTNAME instead of the name they chose? and again if someone called them should i write [FIRSTNAME] or just HANNAH? im sorry this is just confusing.

Oh I’m sorry I don’t much my self I don’t know I’m sorry I wish I could help

Make sure to read the guide that @Zopie posted above. It’s all explained in that guide.

HANNAH will be your character’s script name meaning you will use that name when you direct that character in your script. FIRSTNAME will be the display name and if you use this input code:

input What’s your name? | What’s your name? | Done (FIRSTNAME)

Then the display name for HANNAH will be whatever the character typed in.

To say the name in dialogue when a character talks, use [FIRSTNAME]

So your script will look like this:

HANNAH (talk_happy)
My name is [FIRSTNAME]!


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