Letting readers take screenshots of the characters for instagram?

Hi, can someone please me how to write in a screenshot sequence?

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I think I can help. If you would like me help if probably done by 2 morrow

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Oh ok thank you…

PM what your characters name is please.

Mya and Adrian

Kk thanks

Take screen shots of your characters and post them on Instagram!
I’d love to see them!
@MYA stands screen left AND MYA faces right
@ADRIAN stands screen right AND ADRIAN faces left
@MYA is flirt_wink_forward
@ADRIAN is is flirt_shy
@pause for 5
@MYA is blow_kiss
@ADRIAN is kiss_cheek_give
@pause for 5
@MYA is laugh_giggle
@ADRIAN is laugh_giggle
@pause for 5

I hope that’s ok!

Question: Do you want a profile picture?

AWWW THANK YOU SOO MUCH, I don’t even have a cover for the story haha… yes please do you want me to send the cc details?

Lol np. And yes please.


Skin: Dark
Face: Soft Heart
Hair: Diva Curls Black
Lips: Blossom Lips Sable
Nose: Elven
Eyes: Upturned Feline
Brow: Defined Natural

Adrian’s CC

Skin: Mocha
Face: Defined Triangle
Brow: Thin arch
Hair: spiked up
Nose: button
Lips: classic mocha
Eyes: classic round brown

K thanks!!!

Hey, the title may change…

ok what is it?

what color hair?

Its now called Blossom and black hair

Kk thanks

There is another way, make an invisable speechbubble

&speechbubble is 0 0 to 0%


&speechbubble reset

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Thanks for that but that’s not what I meant to do…

It is supposed to pause everything until the reader takes the screenshot, then the reader has to tap on the screen to continue the story