Letting the readers zoom on their own

Hey everyone!

I have a 3 zoned background of a map and I want to let the readers discover it on their own.
So, I already used the code:
Tappable [pan:1:3] so the reader can pan from zone 1 to zone 3.
I’m just wondering if there’s a code where the reader can zoom on it, too?
Or do I have to think of sometimes else?

Thank you in advance!

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Kinda… You’ll just have to zoom in before the tappable choice and that way the reader will be able to pan around all the screen, up&down left&right etc.

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So, I have to zoom beforehand - the readers won’t be able to do it on their own?

As far as I know, there is no way of the reader zooming in on their own…


Yeah, thought so :confused: thanks for replying!

You could add a few tappable on the map and when they tap on them; it zooms in. You’ll have to make sure it doesn’t overlap with the panning. And you’ll probably have to add a zoom out too within that tappable branch.

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Yeah, I already did that, thank you :yellow_heart:

Oh good. Did it work well with the zoom?

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You could manually code a zoom button and then just set whatever the zoom you want the reader to have when they tap that button. Probably best to just code at as a ui, that way it stays pinned to the screen when the reader pans.

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Yeah, it works very well, I guess.
Thanks again!

Yes, it’s all settled now. I did it the same way :slight_smile: thank you!

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