Levi and Cool's Engagement party 🥰


ORP; Right. (I say hiding my plate behind my back while smiling)


ORP: PLate is okay but I thought you were eating the cake like a baby lol





“Oh shit, Aims don’t get hyper.” I spoke, but then covered my mouth. “Oh lord.”



“Tut, tut, tut” I said while shaking my head. “Think about the children!”


Hey! :heart:



“Yep, I forgot.” I spoke. “Lord…”



“Hahaha” I laughed. I suddenly felt a rumble in my stomach and reflexed onto putting my hand on my chest. “oof” I moaned. “I’ll see you later. If you need me, I’ll be in the toilets” I said with a disgusted facial expression. I ran to the toilets, barging through guests. Damn cake.



“That cake is that good.” I spoke. “Wowzies,.”



Silver arrives and dances


Did I miss it?


Dang I like stayed at the drinks the whole time…so yeah!


Are @Dandelion_Queen and I invited? You may or may not know this, but @Adam.epy is our brother and @Circe_dreamteam is @Dandelion_Queen’s twin


I’m not interested in this @LeviTheLunatic but I appreciate the thought ^^


Ooh congrats peeps! You are just too cute! And damn that menu is huge! But RPing is just not my thing. Sorry!


I enter the party and head over to the food.
ORP: you are very welcome! I love being your wedding/party planner! :grin:


Im late don’t punish me :joy::sob:




Can i join too Or i am too late?


This party is going to go on almost forever