Levonia Academy - ROLEPLAY



Welcome to Levonia Academy!

Are you ready to study at the BRAND NEW modern high school?



Full Name : Zara Parker
Age : 17
Sexuality : BISEXUAL
Popularity Status : VERY POPULAR
Creator : @benaiah.episode

Full Name : Zayn Fox
Age : 18
Sexuality : STRAIGHT
Popularity Status : MODERATELY POPULAR
Creator : @benaiah.episode

Full Name : Ana Ice
Age : 16
Sexuality : STRAIGHT
Popularity Status : Unpopular
Creator : @ana_banana

Full Name : Nicola Grace
Age : 16
Sexuality : Pansexual
Popularity Status : A Bit Of Both
Creator : @RavenDawson

Full Name : Faith Miller
Age : 16
Sexuality : Straight
Popularity Status : Moderately Popular
Creator : @PICXKLEE

Full Name : Annalisa Bennedetta
Age : 16
Sexuality : bisexual
Popularity Status : Unpopular
Creator : @gracers2002

How to sign up…

In this chat thread, open up a comment box and write in the following info.

Full Name :
Age :
Sexuality :
Popularity Status :


  1. Swear Words Allowed (MUST BLUR), however, words that can offend specific people are STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!

  2. Minor Sexual Scenes Allowed : EXAMPLES…

(Allowed) : He sent his hand up my back, pulling me in for a tight passionate kiss.

(Not Allowed) : He threw me onto the bed, unzipping my bra as I tugged on his top. I stretched my hand down to his pants taking off his boxers as he pulled in and out…

  1. You SHOULD be moderately active!

  2. It is up to the owner @benaiah.episode to decide whether anyone should be removed from the roleplay.

If you request to join, you will be replied to within 24 hours…

Thank you! :heart:



After making my way through the entrance of the brand new, stunning academy, I made my way to find my private locker booth.

“New year. New me. I need to forget my past in my previous school and get ready to make new friends.”


Full Name : Ana Ice
Age : 16
Sexuality : STRAIGHT
Popularity Status : Not Popular at all
Creator : @ana_banana



(I’m trying to make friends )
Hello there? Are you new here?



I look at the girl and pull a bright smile.

“Hey there! I’m Zara! It’s nice to meet you.”


I smile.
Hey I forgot to say my name. I’m Ana .
What class do you have now?



“I have Art in Room Art 2B. I’m heading there now.”



I enter the new school my muscles bulging and I notice two girls at the lockers.


Oh arts are really awesome. I love drawing . But I have biology class right now.
Looks at the boy
Hey look at that boy do you know him?



“I don’t know the boy but isn’t he hottttt?”



I make my way toward the two girls.


Hell yeah girl. Look he;s coming towards us .



“OMG! But he’s so hot!”

I straighten my dress as I lick my lips.




almost faints because of anxiety but I manage to pull my shit together
Hello boy… are you new here?



I ignore the girl’s question and focus on the hotter one.

“Heyyy, whats your name?”


“Uhmmm, she’s just asked you a question. It’s nice to reply!”





(feels sad and invsible and kinda wants to punch this guy)
(suddenly I feel angry)
boy are you deaf ?


whispers to Zara : He clearly wants to talk to you



“I thought you were hot but your personality is disgusting!”


I dont reply. Instead, I grab Zara and kiss her.


Me as a feminist : Hey you ever heard of consent?

pushes the boy away because I’m strong :slight_smile:
(am I ruining this roleplay?)