Levonia Academy - ROLEPLAY



Full Name : Nicola Grace
Age : 16
Sexuality : Pansexual
Popularity Status : Not popular or unpopular, just keeps to herself.

[She enters through the doors, surveying everything curiously.]


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Full Name : Annalisa Bennedetta
Age : 16
Sexuality : bisexual
Popularity Status : not popular at all


Full Name : Faith Miller
Age : 16
Sexuality : Straight
Popularity Status : Moderately Popular


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im adding u now :slight_smile:


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Principal Pullman

I open the double doors of the school entrance as students stream in chatting, finding their lockers, heading to their classes and making new friends.

“This is going to be a good year…as long as no one finds out the dark secret of Levonia Academy…”


[[Sorry I have to go to school so I’ll join in this afternoon (Australian time)]]


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[She pushed her way through the stream of people, making use of her elbows to get through the jostling crowd. Thanks to her being shorter than average, it took ages to break free from everyone. She eventually made her way to her locker, taking a deep breath.]



I look at the busy hallways and sigh to myself, "Oh boy, lets see how long it takes before drama happens, then rip through the hallways and try to find my locker.


[She looks around the hallway, noticing worried looking individuals still stuck in the crowd. Honestly, she hadn’t expected anything better from the first-day crowd. Soon she noticed another girl free from the crowd, and it seemed like she was looking for something. She considered approaching.]


Can someone help me with this? How do I start?


Just have your character come into the school, check the previous replies to see if anything important’s happening. Approach someone and see what happens next.


Ok thank you



As I look for my locker I see someone notice me, (maybe she knows)I wondered. I walk up to this girl “what the actual hell can’t someone find their locker without getting harrased?” I joked