Levonia Academy - ROLEPLAY



ORP: Switching from saying ‘she’ to ‘I’

“Probably not, nobody at this school seems to have any decency. Just look at that crowd full of angry, pushing teenagers.” I laugh. “I can help you find your locker if you’d like.”



“I swear its’s an issue, Oh my god yes please, it says locker 302” I say while showing her the paper.
“Im Faith by the way.”


“302… Okay, I think that should be upstairs.” I begin walking towards the end of the hallway. “You coming? Oh, and you can call me Nico.”



“Oh right, sorry thanks.” I smile while following her upstairs


“It’s no problem.” I turn around and walk backward for a few paces. “Also, I’m glad I met someone seemingly sane on the first day.”


“Tell me about ittt” I roll my eyes and try to keep up with her


You can’t just join. You have to write in your details like your name, age and sexuality.



I notice two girls and make my way to them.

TO FAITH : Heyyy


i did do that though? i didn’t just join


i just checked, my details are up in the start of the topic


you’re meant to type your info into the chat. You told her she could just start typing without giving her character detauls.


i assumed they’d already created one from how they phrased their question oof


aha dont worry


thank u haha i was confused for a moment
let’s continue the rp





I make my way toward Nicola after pushing past the great crowd of people.

“Hey, Im Zara!”


I turn around, almost startled.
“Oh, hey. I’m Nicola, you need something?”



“I just wanted to see what you have next. Maybe we have the same lesson?”


“Hah, just shows how disorganized I am.” I laugh. “I was helping Faith find her locker and didn’t even bother to check what I have first.” I drop my bag on the floor and crouch down to search for my timetable.



I grab my timetable and see what I have today.

“Art, BREAK, Business, LUNCH, German, BREAK, Maths.”