LGBT+ General Chat!


Hey guys,
This is just a normal chat for the LGBT+ people. I’m still questioning my sexuality but I don’t know for sure. What about you guys? I think I’m bi. I haven’t found my true relationship yet.


I don’t know what I am. Questioning? I guess that’s the only way.


Oh ok.


@mysterypuppy03 you will find out when the right person come into ur life and just be there for you


I am lesbian u.u


Thx for the advice! :rainbow_flag: :kissing_heart:


Hmm well I’m bi?? But I kinda am starting to think I’m lesbian???


u r welcome


it’s ur life no matter what u choose


A friend of mine was with her friend on Snapchat and she was a girl. I texted her and asked, “Who was that girl you were with?”, and she says that it was her best friend. I thought she was LGBT but no. I have a crush on her but I’m too scared to tell her. I’ve had a crush on her every since we met at summer camp two months ago.


maybe u should ask your friend about her since she’s her best friend


I did. She kept saying bae for everything. That’s when I thought she was lgbt.


u will meet some new girl, forget about her


Ok, thx.


What about u?


homoromantic asexual over here!

have a little crush on an ace/aro girl but whatever


Im a lesbian :wave::purple_heart:


Bi here. But i just lean towards girls more

I could answer with words, but gifs and out of context images are so much more fun.