LGBT+ love interests in my story, or not? 🌈


Many stories include both female and male love interests, however i don’t actually know how many people choose the various options available for them. :rainbow:

What do you think?

  • Include LGBT+ options. :rainbow:
  • Don’t include them and have a single love interest for the MC.
  • I don’t mind.

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Thanks in advance!
(Also bear with me on reviews and covers)


I like seeing LGBT+ options, but don’t force it if you’re not sure how to tackle a lgbt love interest.


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It’s not that i don’t know how to write one, it’s just i’m not sure how many people would choose the LGBT+ options :revolving_hearts:


I would read stories with LGBT+ love interests and without. I don’t mind. My upcoming story is LGBT so :woman_shrugging:t3: Either is cool. :slight_smile:


Diversity is often accepted well by the community, regardless of their sexuality. It’s nice to see multiple choices when it comes to love interests. However, unless you know how to write properly with choices as big as this one that affect the storyline majorly, I suggest you don’t do it. Like someone else who replied to you said, don’t force it. If it’s too much work for you, don’t do it. Plus, if someone is indeed bisexual or homosexual and stumbles upon your story, as long as the plot is interesting, it’ll keep them entertained. (Unless the story revolves strictly around the MC and the love interest, like a love story.)
Hope my opnion helped. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much for your opinion! I’m open to include LGBT+ options regardless however time consuming they may be :star:


To be honest I usually only read stories with LGBT+ love interests, except in very rare occasions. I don’t know how many people other actually choose them, but do I know that LGBT+ community members really appreciate being included!


Thank you for sharing your opinion! I’m pretty sure i’m going to be including LGBT+ :star::blush:


I always encourage including more options for readers (it be can Sexuality, Gender etc.) because that way you pull in a larger audience for your story.


They say go big or go home. Make it LGBTQ+ :rainbow_flag:


Representation matters!


What I’d like to see is more LGBT characters who don’t have to be so upfront about it.
What I’m saying, not acting like it such a big thing. Too many characters make a big thing about it as in “look I’m gay! I like men/woman!” If there’s a heterosexual character, does he/she have to remind the reader of their sexual orientation or be upfront about it?
I’d like to see it treated as more matter of fact than some kind of big thing. Characters can be gay without making a big thing over it.
I’d like to see a few stories where, say the MC is straight and say her best friend is gay and just walks up and says, “this is my new gf”, without either character making a reference to her sexual orientation or being shocked. Just treat it as if she’d said “this is my new boyfriend.”
Also, I’d like to see more lesbians with male friends. There seems to be this negative feeling among some people that lesbians hate all men. It’s simply not true. I actually know lesbians that actually prefer the company of men (as they share same tastes), just like some males prefer the company of women (wheither they’re straight or gay.)


Yeah i totally get what you mean. It should be normalised in every possible context, people don’t just randomly say “hey guys i’m straight” because it’s just naturally assumed. :sparkles:


As long as you don’t make it seem like the MC is straight until the very end, I don’t mind either way. I think it’s a bit of a cheap cop-out to just throw in a LGBTQ relationship out of nowhere at the end. Although I’m bisexual, when that happens I will NEVER choose the LGBTQ option because I haven’t had time to build the same level of intimacy with that character.


If i do include LGBT+ (which i probably will do) the love interests both male and female will be introduced in the first few episodes rather than just throwing a female love interest at the mid-way point that way you’ll be able to get to know their personalities enough to choose who you want to end up with. :sparkles::relaxed:


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