LGBT Matters in the Episode Community


You may be aware that recently the user Cocofoxy posted the following as a topic
“Do you agree with LGBT in stories?”:

Well I am now writing a story called ‘New Rebels of History’, and the problem is that stories with LGBT has more views than other non-LGBT stories.

So I added a bit of LGBT, but now I’m regretting it because I’m christian and I know it’s bad, but I just did it to get more views.

Do you think I should keep or discard the LGBT scene?

Users such as lovelikeart and elena.2430 had their posts flagged and hidden for disagreeing that LGBT is “bad”, with Sydney the Moderator stating that users were (somehow) not being “respectful and courteous to each other as outlined in our Forum General Rules” and that users were not being “civil”.

The forum was ultimately shut down by Sydney due to “excessive off-topic posting”.

Surely it’s double-standards that the topic author was able to call LGBT “bad” with no repercussions other than eventually having their initial post hidden. After all, many people who disagreed had all their posts hidden, as if it was rude to be against thinking of our fellow beautiful brothers and sisters as “bad” for who they love.

I, for one, would like to hear from a moderator or other Episode representative as to why this is the case.

Feel free to add any thoughts.



I think calling people out like this is against guidelines and I’m not sure mods can discuss actions they take against other members. I suggest messaging 1 of the mods and talking it out instead of posting it here.



Thanks @Rune.episode. On that note, please private message me regarding this. Closing topic.