LGBT Stories reccomendations?


Hi!! My name is Ben and i’m gayyy
I want to read some stories where you can choose your gender and preferences? Btw i’m male :slight_smile:


You can’t choose your gender in mine but you can choose your sexual preference


Wanderlust Academy provides both gender and preferences I believe, thank you for telling your gender, I now will put female and male gender choice in my story :slight_smile:




Oh! Thanks! :slight_smile:


Aphrodite by Kay Dee. It doesn’t offer character customization, but it shows the perspectives of LGBTQ students and their stuggles. As well, it’s written by an LGBTQ author


Studs and Sonnets let’s you choose that, I think. And Mr. Or Mrs. Right.


YESSS, this so much. Adrenaline is fantastic.

The story is put on hold :frowning: but it’s one of my favorite stories. Definitely on top, if not first.

Playing Her Game is pretty good too!


Do you have a link or something? Can’t find it :joy:


Hey, the two main girls in my story are gay but a lot of people in the fanmail got pissed that you were Forced To Be Lesbian (like every other episode story doesn’t force you to be straight? I dunno dude) so I went back and took out most instances where they call each other babe and w/e, but some dedicated fans noticed they were gay anyway. There’s a scene in the 1st episode where they sleep and cuddle, and in the latest episode the gf talks about how much she loves you so… not very subtle from whatever angle you look at it. I might actually change back the dialogue just for yooou. Also heads up the actual story content is a tad heavy, if you’re uncomfortable about suicide as a main topic you should cover your eyes bc it’s about two girls taking a road trip for a suicide pact.

The title is Over Before You Know It (the author name should be Lizard), it has 8 episodes so far, my insta is @lizard.episode and here’s the link:

Also, I’ve seen a shitton of straight girls making stories about gay dudes because it’s “yaoi unf unf” and that weird me out on a moral level so just know that this story is made gay by gay lmfao. Sorry this isn’t a story where you can choose your gender but yknow, hope its close enough.