LGBT story read for read

Hey! I currently started a lesbian story called “Past behind a mask”
Sadly no one has checked if out. If you are interested, we can have a r4r :blush:

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I’ll do a read for read with you. I’d either get to it later today or tomorrow if I don’t have time today. I’ll agree to read 3 episodes to start. I have 3 right now. 3 more coming in another couple of weeks.
Here’s my story.

Great! I can start reading right now!:blush:

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I’d be interested in one! It might take a while for me to get to yours though (I’ll bookmark it in the meantime).

Title: Draken Stone
Author: Jane Belrose
Genre: Adventure // Fantasy & Drama
Description: Etain tumbles into the world of her dreams, only to find that it is crumbling to ruins. The Draken Stone is the only thing that can save it.
Notes: LL/Choices Matter


I finished reading your story!

When you will be able to start reading, let me know!

I hope you enjoy it :heart:

Finished! It was pretty nice!

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Ok, I’ve bookmarked yours. Will start it when I have a few minutes. Most likely tomorrow.

I have a story with male MC, he’s bi. And his love interest whom is gay. The story is mainly action but the romance will be a part of it too.

I’d be interested in r4r so what do you say? Wanna do r4r


Title: Assassins
Author: inkkee
Style: LL
Chapters: 3 more coming soon
Genre: Action

This cover will change to my new one once I publish a new chapter.

Sure! I can start reading now, but can you?

Yeah I can. So wait you only have 2 chapters,?

Sadly, yes. I posted it yesterday.

Started reading your story!

Finished your story! I enjoyed it a lot!

Finished reading your story. Seems like a very interesting story

Thank you a lot!

I have read this… so good. Can’t wait for the rest of it pleeeeease.

I’m really glad you liked it! If I will try hard I can publish 3rd episode on Tuesday or Thursday !:blush:

Hey! My story name is “Past behind a mask”
Post your story here so we can have read for read.

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