LGBT Storyline - Share your experiences

So I got a LGBT storyline coming up and the story itself was inspired by a gay friend who went through a similar situation. It talks about prejudice and acceptance within society.

I made a little trailer for it:

If anyone here is part of the LGBT community, I’d really love to hear your stories, whether it’s good or bad. At the end of the day, we’re all humans and being different doesn’t make us monsters :kissing_heart:


i don’t have any drastic experiences but here is a “small” thing that happens to a lot of people i’m sure:
few of my friends aren’t exactly supportive if lgbtq+ community. everytime they ask me is there any boy in my life i say “no, but i saw some really pretty girls”. they just look at me weirdly or say “umm”. some strangers turn around too and look at me for a moment.


That’s still quite disheartening, having people look and judge :cry:

This is exactly what I’m trying to address in my story but I have to be careful not to offend hence why I made this thread. Thanks for sharing your experience x


thanks for trying to represent community the best you can🤍

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No worries x

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But what if I’m a cookie monster?
What would you wanna know?

Anything!! Share away, share your experience, no matter who you are!

Ps. Did someone say Cookie Monster? Lemme put them kettle on :joy::joy:

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:smiley: I’ll have sugar in the tea, thanks :smiley:
Oh, there is a funny story!
So, I was at lunch with some people from school and we were talking and one guy said: I don’t believe in bisexuals, they do not exist!
I was side by side with him and I slighty turn my head towards him and go: So, you don’t see me existing?
He then stays there silent like o.O
And all the other people had a good laugh!

LOL OMG serves him right the prejudice piece of poop! :joy:

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Oh yeah!


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“Ew your bisexual you must want to kiss everyone get away from me I thought you were my friend” :upside_down_face::expressionless:

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That’s disgusting! Hope they burn in hell :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: