LGBTQ and proud

Don’t want to label myself yet but I think I’m pan

ok well you dont have to label yourself just like who you like and be you

That’s very true love is love

Hey! I’m straight but I totally support the LGBTQ community I have bunch of LGBTQ friends.

@JaeCie nice thread, love the idea!

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thank you

I’m not sure yet either.

I’m bisexual but im waiting for Jaecie to get on

Excuse you, this topic is meant for those of us who are LGBTQ+ to express our pride in our identity, to find acceptance with others who are part of the community, and it’s meant to be a positive and supportive environment for us. Those of us here DO care, about ourselves and about each other and about who we are, and we’re glad to have a supportive space like this one.

Hatred doesn’t belong in this thread or this community. If you have a hateful opinion of us, then just ignore this thread and let us be us. It isn’t that hard. :slight_smile:


Hi JaeCie! I’m Princesa and I’m ace. <3

Again, not hatred. Just testing the waters. I can already tell this community has a high level of cringe.

Wisdom comes through shared knowledge in discretion. Giving attention seekers attention is like spoiling them, they never learn to face the reality aspect of life in terms of societal mechanics.

Also, there is nothing to report me for, I have broken no rules, so your threats don’t bother me.

Not off topic or inappropriate. Public threads are public for a reason, just as there’s a like system for a reason.

My expressing the non-necessity of LGBT is an opinion. Saying no one cares is an exaggeration. Honestly most people don’t care about your sexual life.

That being said, yes you can post whatever you want, just as I can reply.

Exposure to other opinions is a good thing, not a bad thing. I only believe sodomy is wrong, not homosexuality. But LGBT is still unnecessary, and attention seekers should not be encouraged.

And again, I never said I don’t care, as I expressed before. I do care, otherwise I wouldn’t be advising not to give attention to attention seekers.

I care :unamused:

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First of all, I’m not a millennial. Second of all, I am bi, and it is a real thing. I’ve felt attraction to both males and females. There are many others who feel attraction to whoever they find attractive regardless of gender. Scientifically, we can’t change who we are, and your disbelief in it is astoundingly ignorant.

It is NOT a meaningless entity. LGBTQ+ is a community. We, unlike straight people, have felt oppression and discrimination for years and still do. We have felt confusion about our identities at times. We have felt unsafe about our identities at times. We’re finding acceptance with each other, we’re finding others we can talk to, others we can connect with, not ‘broadcasting our sex lives’. And if you don’t care, avoid us. It’s not that hard. Whoever a community member is in bed with has no importance to us. We don’t care about each other’s sex lives, we care about each other and you just seem to be unable to accept that.

Being who we are doesn’t make us attention seekers. Again, we are here to find community in each other and we are who we are and all your negativity can’t change that. As someone who has tried to change who she is as a result of negative forces, believe me when I say I can confirm that we are NOT attention seekers, and we are who we are.

If you don’t like this community, don’t spread negativity in it. Easy!

Au contraire, it’s a violation of the rules here.

You’ve called us attention seekers, you’ve told us we are fake and unnecessary. You specifically told us nobody cares, exaggeration or not, you said it. And as @brvnda said, you are being off-topic in this thread, the intention of which is pride, not hatred, and your comments are inappropriate considering the members of the community they target.

It’s okay to have an opinion. It’s not okay to be hurting community members and calling who they are invalid. If you have an issue with who we are, keep it to yourself and stay off threads like this please.

With that, consider yourself reported by me :slight_smile:


i’m a pansexual trans guy. i used to doubt my pansexuality for bisexuality, but hey, then i discovered the omnics from overwatch and? wow. sorry if i sound weird, lol.

a panny tranny, if you will. :upside_down_face: (sh, i know people consider that term a slur, but i’m okay with using it to refer to myself.)



Guess what.

I care about their ‘sex life’

Did you mean sexuality?

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i hope this doesn´t come off as rude but this thread seems like a duplicate of this thread that was created earlier

the thread i linked has the same idea as this one (talking about your identity/sexuality, expressing your pride, and all that cool stuff)


This topic is temporarily closed for 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

Closing this thread as there is a duplicate here. :v:t2:

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