LGBTQ+ Customization Questions (Respect and Inclusivity?)

Hello all!

I recently read a story on Episode that gave the reader pronoun options and I thought that was super cool. I think I’d like to take that a step further in my stories in the character customization options. But I’m kind of new to all of the LGBTQ+ labels and language. And I’m guessing a lot of readers may not be educated about that either, so I was wondering, if I give the reader the choice between “traditional gender customization” and “LGBTQ+ gender customization” is that respectful to everyone? Traditional being “Are you a girl or a guy? Do you want to date girls or guys?” that sort of thing. And LGBTQ+ options being "Do you prefer a male or female body? Would you like masculine or feminine customization options? Do you prefer masculine or feminine clothing options (or both?) Which pronouns do you prefer? Is your “person/significant other” a romantic partner or a platonic best friend? (for asexual readers who may not want a boyfriend/girlfriend) And all of the above LGBTQ+ customization options for the significant other.

Or should it be “Basic/Simple gender customization” and “Advanced gender customization”? Or something else entirely? Is separating it like that non-inclusive? Maybe the initial choice should be “Are you a guy, girl, or non-binary?” and then if the answer is non-binary THEN go to the which body type do you prefer/pronouns customization options?

What do you all think? Thanks in advance for opinions and advice!


I do think it’s a great idea and that the options really includes a big part of the community. Such a cool idea to include even more diversity :relaxed:

I identify as a cis girl, so I can’t really say for sure that it’s completely respectful to other genders, but from what I know, it seems respectful to me! :heartpulse:


Please don’t forget bisexuals too.

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Here’s my idea:

Do you want a male or female body?
What are your pronouns?
Date guys, gals, non-binary, all, both, none?

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Yes of course! I’m sorry I didn’t clearly include that in my question above. Trying to figure out how to possibly create a poly-amorous option as well…

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