(LGBTQ+) Have you came out of the closet?



I first came out to a good friend of mine. Basically what happened was me and my friend were playing Mario Kart and i suddenly had this gut feeling telling me that it was the right time to tell her.

So i took a deep breath and paused the game and told her that i had something to tell her. She was like, “sure go ahead”. DUDE I WAS SO NERVOUS. But then i said “I think i like girls too”. She didn’t anything after that, at this point i thought to myself, “Dang i screwed up didn’t i” and i spoke more about my feelings and i started to cry. My friend pulled me in for a hug and she told me that i was strong for coming out to her and that she w support me and still see me the same no matter what. I felt so relieved and happy oof. She then took me out for a walk to get ice cream and we started having deep conversations about life.

Then in pride month, i came out to my elder brother and surprisingly he took it very well. The same friend came out as bisexual to me and i was very happy for her.

I haven’t come out to my parent yet, i still feel pretty closeted around them because, well, they’re pretty homophobic and religious eh.

Have you came out of the closet yet?


I hope you don’t mind me commenting cause I am not lgbtq…but it is amazing that you friend and brother took your news well:) I hope you find a way to tell your parents


I’m glad you’re out to your friend and your brother! It’s always good to have someone know. One day you will be able to come out to your parents too, even if they are homophobic. It doesn’t even have to be soon, but it will be sometime. ^^

I myself have come out. I originally came out to my mom who was confused but accepting. Then to the rest of my family and my friends. I also began going to an LGBTQ+ group, which has been really helping me as well. (I’d suggest a group like this to anyone who is LGBTQ+.)


Of course I don’t mind! and thank you so much, I appreciate that <3 I hope that I can someday




Thank you, and I’m proud of you for coming out to your mother! I hope I can do that too someday, I’m just kind of scared lol.

Yeah LGBTQ+ groups are pretty helpful, I am in one too


I already came out to my cousin and parents as bi, but I’m actually gay, which is why I’m not going to write my old coming out stories. I haven’t necessarily come out to my friends but it’s kinda obvious, I’m an over enthusiastic ally in the GSA and I drop a lot of hints. I just don’t want to officially come out to them, I really don’t like the entire coming out thing, it makes cishet just seem like the default. But I respect anyone who feels like coming out is a special thing to them.


I respect your opinion and your decision. You do you


I tried coming out in high school, but it didn’t go well. My “friends” at the time dismissed and rejected me, and it kept me from telling anyone else until I left for college. After I moved away from my hometown, I didn’t really have the motivation to come out to anyone. I just sort of lived my life instead. You could say I consistently “come out” by making puns about my identity, or that I came out by transitioning, but it doesn’t look like what people mean when they refer to coming out. I haven’t really tried to sit anyone down or have a major talk about since high school, even with my own family, and I find that it works better that way. People are more likely to freak out when I say “I’m bi” than when I say something like “my ex-boyfriend was a jerk, but that’s fine because I have a wonderful girlfriend now!” Same with “I’m trans” versus “I’m a man”, even before I started HRT. If people ask if I’m bi/asexual/transgender, sometimes I’ll say yes, but I’m also likely to respond by asking if it matters.

I prefer less coming out and more shamelessly normalizing my gender and sexuality.


I’m sorry to hear about what your friends did to you. I wish everybody could be more acceptable.


They’ve been replaced by better, more supportive, and (coincidentally) gayer people, so it’s all good now. There’s still a lot of intolerance where you least expect it, but there’s also a lot of acceptance where you don’t expect it. I was terrified of my mother finding out, since she’s mega Christian, but she’s been nothing but supportive since I stopped hiding who I was. Her only complaint was that I didn’t give myself a middle name, so now she has no third name to yell at me if I mess something up.


Well that’s good :slight_smile: i’m glad you found better people and that things turned out well for you. And i can honestly relate to that, my mom is crazy religious and has always been homophobic, pretty conservative, and judgemental. It’s kind of scary. But i guess we can’t change people’s views, if they choose to dislike us then we can’t do anything but to move on and find someone who can be more accepting.


Honestly, I liked a girl when I was 5 years old. But I didn’t know it wasn’t “normal” to other people. I had a crush on a anime girl character. I told my siblings about it (they were 6 and 4) and they didn’t care. Other people thought it was weird so I gave up on the character.

Through out my life, I have been liking boys. But inside me, I didn’t wanna date boys. And I was confused. After breaking up with my first boyfriend (2 years ago), I realized that I like girls and I prefer being with girls. I told my best friends about it, I thought they wouldn’t like, but they all supported me!! I told my siblings about it and they didn’t seem to care since they knew it from the start lol. :joy: (My sister is pansexual and my brother is straight)

The only problem is my parents. (Especially my dad) They both are religious (my mom isn’t as religious as my dad though) and they don’t like the idea of LGBT. I asked him once “what do you think of gay people?”, he said “They are all sinners and they will go to hell.” That saddened me.

And what’s worse is that they are trying to find a man for me to marry so I can have a “good” future with HIM.

I’m not sure how to come out to my parents because I feel like they will disown me.


I really do get what you mean. I used to be like that, I’d like boys but deep inside me I ask myself, “But do I really like boys? if I do why don’t I have a strong attraction to them?” and so on. Because I’d feel uncomfortable around a guy, I didn’t enjoy the relationship I had with my ex-boyfriend, etc. Then I came to a realization that I lean towards to girls MORE. I’ve dated some girls and I realized that I was right about the attraction.

And honestly I can relate to that. My mom is religious as well and pretty conservative. She would tell me things like, “I can’t wait to see you happily married to a handsome guy in the future!” and so on. That would make feel very uncomfortable. Sometimes when they say things like that I want to tell them, “No, What if I want to marry a girl instead?” But I know that I don’t have the guts to say that. I thought that If I came out to her she would never see me the same and as you said, they would disown me.

Also, I’m sorry for these homophobic things happening to you. Nobody deserves to go through that, it can be scary and disheartening. But I am glad that your siblings took your reponse well.

I think it is better to remain closeted around those who don’t take these things very well, as it can be pretty harmful. I don’t think it’s possible to change our parents’ view, maybe only they can change. As long as we find people who are comfortable with who we are and supportive, then I guess things aren’t so bad.


I hear all these happy stories about it but I’m honestly just too scared at the moment. Sometimes I impulsively want to do it, but I know it probably isn’t the best right now. Although, if you feel safe enough to do it GO FOR IT!!! You’ll be much happier to be able to be yourself. But for me personally, one day I’m just gonna come home to my parents and be like “SUPRISE! YOU HAVE A SON NOW!”


You can love God and your girlfriend.:smirk::ok_hand:t2:
Did people forget about “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” ???
(All sins are equal btw.)
I am still Christian and LGBT. I’m very happy that way.


That’s okay, the most important thing is to be safe and aware definitely I agree