Name: The Ember Moon Pack


Vampires, werewolves, and hybrids – who will you side with? Hey, Hybrid Queen, hurry up. War is on its way.
Customizable Characters, LGBTQ+, 5 Endings, Choices Matter, Music

Chapters: technically 9 bc ch 1 is customization

Genre: Fantasy/romance/horror

Style: Limelight


Instagram: gisellepisode :smile:



This looks so good, I want to read it x


Title: DD: Modest Fun
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 4 - finished
Summary: When confronted with the most alluring dancer you’ve ever seen, will you choose to pursue passion or the status quo? (A modern, LGBT+ retelling of Dirty Dancing) ~|3 endings| ~


Thanks for creating this thread! I’ll be keeping an eye out for story recommendations.

Title: Disconnected
Author: Alvar M.
Genre: Romance / Mystery
Episodes: 3, ongoing
Style: Limelight
Summary: Killian never expected his travels to lead to romance or a false accusation of murder. Can his new companion help him clear his name or will their feelings blind them to the truth?


Hi all :grinning:,

Hurray! :tada::confetti_ball: I’ve just published my first story! :dancer:

Name: Sealed with a Kiss! :kiss:
Author: D.G.S.
Genre: Romance :couplekiss_man_woman:
Total number of episodes: :two::four:
Status: Story is complete.:wink:
Story Type: Episode Original
Story Style: Episode Ink

Description: One night Emily Brown :woman:t2: meets the top hero of Hollywood, Dylan Reed :adult:t2:. He is the most eligible bachelor of California, a dangerous womanizer with seducing-ly killer looks :heart_eyes:. Can she be able to resist his charm or will she fall for him :thinking: ? See how it is to be a lover of the top hero of Hollywood, when the whole country is after him and he after you! :revolving_hearts:

Small Cover:


Please read the story :slight_smile: and share with your friends :two_men_holding_hands::couple::two_women_holding_hands:



Hi! Thanks for the list. I’m always looking for more LGBT stories on Episode :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My story is also LGBT if anyone wants to check it out:


Story Title: Skeptics and Believers
Author Name: Piccalilly
Customization: Yes
Style: Limelight
Genre: Comedy (with some mystery and romance)
Episodes: 5 (more on the way)
Story Description: You’re stuck doing community service for a crime you didn’t commit. Are you going to grin and bear it, or find a way to clear your name?
Instagram Name: @piccalilly_episode
Story Link:


Thriller: Till Sunrise
Very gay because we stan gay.


I wrote a story called, “Fake Love” by BLUE. I’m an LGBTQ+ YA author. This is centered around the MTV cancelled show called, “Faking It!” It’s about two girl bffs, “who fake a romance” in order to become popular, but one girl is not faking her feelings for her bff. My story is different because centered around real life experiences between closeted youth, it’s more relatable, and it’s less cliche. There are many twists and the main character is GAY AF! There are other characters who are LGBTQ+ in the story.

Please give it a go and tell me what you think. Also, I will be continuing to write LGBTQ+ stories, so stay posted for those. :slight_smile:


I just published my new story, College Days: I am you :grin:
She wants to be like you, until one day she wants to be you.
Genre: Thriller (& LGBT)
Style: Limelight


Thriller: Rivertown Liars
It’s in Limelight & it’s a LGBT story :purple_heart:

One of your friends has a sin to confess. Find out who it is, before you’re her next victim.

By Chida
Instagram: CherryMaxis


You have no choice but to deny who you are.
Until one day, it all comes out.

Genre: Drama
By: Chida
Instagram: CherryMaxis


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Thanks for creating this thread, I’m always on the lookout for LGBT stories :blush:

Hmm, while readers are unable to choose their sexuality as everything’s fixed, my story does contain LGBT! Feel free to check it out!


Story title: Operation Matchmaker
Author Name: Seth Arlens
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance (with some comedy I guess?)
Episodes: 5 (Episodes are released weekly)
Summary: Two guys make it their mission to pair their friends up, be it romantically or platonically. Hopefully, their plan doesn’t end up in flames…
Story link:


Title: Time Rewind
Style: Mystery
About: You get a weird phone call in the middle of the night which tells you to go outside. what happens when you find out who the phone call was from, will you love or hate this person?
Author: Jake2931


Here’s my story. I just now publish it. It’s LGBTQ
Please give it a chance. Thank you.


Please give my story a chance, thank you

Here’s my link:


Please check out my new stories in episode and give it a chance. Thankyu.


Hi this is one of my stories! Enjoy :heart:

Title: Are you here?
Authore: Hope/Melina
Resume: Three 16-year-old bestfriends spend a most normal evening when one of them disappears.
Genre: drama, mystery.
Style: Ink.



I went through the first chapter, I’m me but still have to choose between 3 guys. Unless I have the option to fall in love with my best friend…which would be awesome! Like real life lol


Imma be honest some of the stories here seem pretty hetero.

Here are some authors I think you may be interested in though:

@Weebee (Her stories The Game and Waking feature LGBT characters and are greatly written).

@azariasin - Thrill of the Hunt (features a lot of LGBT characters and is a woke story)

@Atreus - Two’s A Charm (story’s main character is an LGBT character)