LGBTQ Story Idea?! May Make a Competition?

I have WAY too many stories running around in my head, but this is one that I’d really love to see done. I don’t want to disappoint my Queen of Freaks writers by committing to too many other projects, so I thought maybe I could either suggest this and ask for the links of anyone who likes the idea and wants to use it… or possibly have a competition? What do you think?

This is the idea:

An LGBTQ Beauty and the Beast adaptation called “Beast-like” which focuses on the stigmas of the LGBT community.

The people in the village call the prince(ss) in the castle near them a “beast” because (s)he doesn’t fit the cisgender, heterosexual norm. Obviously said beast would isolate themselves and become very hostile as a result of this, but when (s)he hires help in the castle, the MC (the Belle equivalent) discovers that the real beast is the town’s attitude.

I hope you like! I’m really thinking of making this a competition, but I don’t know what I’d offer

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Thank you! :slight_smile: I would love to write it, but I felt like it was one of my ideas that deserved full attention… I have too many stories to focus on it!

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