LGTB representation : help :)

I’m currently writing a story with one of the MC being homosexual, and I was wondering if you had any “tips” to have a correct representation? Is there things I shouldn’t do? You’re help will be precious because the last thing I wanna do is offend anyone :sweat_smile:

PS: this character is the only male in a group of female but I made sure to avoid the « fashionista » cliché


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Thank you for tagging me Lana! As a queer guy who writes about queer guys, I’d be happy to help.

The two most important things you want to avoid are on opposite ends of a spectrum. The first is making your character over-the-top flamboyant and feminine. Your character can be a funny character, especially if you’re writing a comedy, but don’t let the character’s sexuality be what all the jokes revolve around. Another thing I’ve noticed in poorly written male queer characters is that they act, talk, and dress like a girl, and while some gay men are like that, I’m pretty confident in saying most gay men enjoy being men, and are guys, even if they don’t date women.
The second is making your character an oversexualized, closeted, macho man who denies the fact that he’s gay/bi/what have you. From what you said, I don’t think this is really the cliche you’d fall into, but I’m just making sure! :smile:

Overall, I’d just make sure your gay character has a fully fleshed out personality apart from his sexuality. For instance, he could play a sport, really like indie films, study botany in university, only reads novels by Charles Dickens- there’s so many other quirks that can make him who he is besides him being gay.


It’s great you’re already aware of clique’s and what to avoid! The best thing to do to portray an LGBTQ+ character well is to make them a person, don’t make them a stereotype. In saying that, they’re still allowed to be interested in fashion, or they’re allowed to be a little extraverted, or they can be feminine, but don’t make that their ONLY trait.
Don’t let them JUST be someone who’s gay. Make them have other interests, conversations that aren’t just about their sexuality or these stereotypical interests. The best thing to do is make someone real, who just happens to be gay. Not a ‘gay character’ if that makes sense.


@big_bass_boy @lochness Thank you for the answers, I totally get what you mean!


You can just write them like you’d do with any other character. Give them a background, a story to tell.

For example, my friend’s story has a gay character. He’s not feminine at all. He’s in a boyband and plays bass guitar. His mother kicked him out for being bisexual and his father passed away with he was a kid.

I dunno something like that. :+1:t3:


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