LGTBQ+ in my story

Hey guys. I wanted to be diverse and put this in my story (something I have yet to do) I’ve never written about it about it before. The MC is going to be straight, but her friends (and other characters) are going to be gay/lesbian. I just want to know some tips and things to avoid (Cliches and stereotypes) that I should know- I know some of them- not all. Please help so I can represent this in a respectful way. One of the MC’s best friends is going to be lesbian and some of it might be in her view- and I don’t want to mess that up or cause a stereotype or anything. Anything you can tell me would be helpful and appreciated!


This is a very broad question so I’m not sure exactly what advice to give in response but someone asked a similar question and received detailed, informative responses here: Advice from the LGBT community

Crucial thing: don’t make the fact that they are LGBTQ+ the only important character trait that these characters have. They deserve to be fleshed-out characters just like anyone else. I’d advise you to speak to a few members of the LGBT community while writing these characters to help ensure that they are realistically and positively portrayed.


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Make the character 3 dimensional! Don’t let them being apart of the LBGTQ+ community be the only reason why their there. Also, don’t just use lesbian, gay and straight as sexualities! Try using sexualities like pansexual,bisexual,asexual,aromantic,omnisexual,ect. This link can help finding some sexualities you can use!

Also, if you want one of those chars to come out, be sure not to use the stereotypical “kicked out of the house” cliche. Some out-of-the-closet people can get accepted or family members can feel guilty because they didnt know, or mad at that char because they didn’t tell them sooner. If you still need help, don’t be afraid to DM me if you need more info!

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Yeah, I totally agree with you. It’s not about them coming out, and I will make them 3 dimensional! I will look at the definitions, I just didn’t have time to look them up when I wrote about this. Thanks for the advise.

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No problem, glad to help!