LibbyKitty’s Edit Art Shop OPEN

Hey there I’m @LibbyKittyRocks, I can do edited cover and overlays and etc.

Here are some of my examples :cat:

Edited Covers


Overlay Examples

Waiting List

Have fun requesting :cat:!!


My profile name on the episode app is TerrificTreeFrog!! :cat:

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I think that it would be really interesting and useful… The one bed overlay example seems to be great…
Can I think a little more about it and then give you my final answer ? :blush:

Of course!!

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I’ve thought about it and I would like to request your bed overlay example. :blush:

Hey could I request a few overlays? Thanks! And if possible could you make sure they are free? Not sure where you get them but I’d like to make sure they’re free so I don’t get in trouble with anyone…

Overlays I need:
Bowl of cereal
Waffles on a plate
Syrup bottle
Muffin on a plate

If possible could I get them in the next week or two? If you can’t find any or get them done within the time pls let me know so I know to find them myself! Thanks so much!!!

Sorry just got this I’ll get to work

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