Life Bites. (CLOSED)


Life bites, a story about a distant future where vampires have taken over the world. You are part of a secret corporation called: “The Blade”. Which hunts the vampires to secure the fate of the United States. Will you survive? Or will you become: One of them?

Here are a few rules to this roleplay:

  1. cursing is allowed, but please put a little * over whatever cuss word you’re using.

  2. No explaining intimate scenes, if you want the characters to “you know what” , please just end it with them going into the bedroom, and leave it at that.

  3. No radical slurs, no hate speech, nothing homophobic or racist.

  4. Vampires drink ONLY human blood. You can tell the difference between a vampire and a human by these traits: Vampires have scarlet eyes, they have a lower body temperature, and they are uneasy around you after first turning, or a while without blood.

  5. Vampires have some special abilities, they include: Super speed, super strength, super hearing, and could smell a drop of blood a mile away.

  6. Finally, please write you personality traits, your age, your face claim, your sexuality, and if you are a vampire or a human, etc. Thanks! :hearts:


Hey, how does this RP thing work? I keep seeing a lot of these on the forums but I’m clueless.


Lol, I was literally you a few days ago. Have you ever played Yarn, or Hooked? (The digital apps)


If you haven’t, It’s basically a story written through these little messages. EXAMPLE:
I cocked my gun, aiming it at Hayden. “It’s time for this to end.” I said, swallowing hard.


Reserve for one male vampire and one female human. :hearts:


Could you write in their information? Thanks.


Name - Elliot Mitchells.
Personality - Elliot is respectful to everyone, but has slight anger issues. She only trusts her twin brother. Elliot is closed off sometimes, but can start to grow on people. Due to he rpast, she tries to be somewhat mysterious.
Age - 19
Face Claim -
Sexuality - Bisexual

Name - Elias Mitchells.
Personality - Elias likes to joke around, a lot. Like his sister, he also has anger issues, but has controlled them since becoming a vampire. Elias and Elliot don’t trust eachother as much as they used to since Elias was bitten. Elias can be quiet at times.
Age - 19
Face Claim -
Sexuality - Bisexual


Thanks a million!


You’re welcome, love! :hearts:


nope. lol where is it written?! in the forums?



Me popping in

Hello @Venni and welcome to the RP and SG part of the community! Feel free to call me Wings :grin:, if your still confused about how RPing or SGing works, I highly recommend reading the Guide to RP’s and SG’s. (Yes I know it’s long but it’s really beneficial!!!)


Traits: friendly, kind, loyal

Face claim:

Sexuality: Female straight

I’m a vampire


Sorry, this roleplay didn’t get enough players; Therefore has been canceled. I’m really sorry. :disappointed_relieved:


Awww ok


@Sydney_H can you close this? Thanks.



Topic closed by OP request. :wink: