Life is hard sometimes

Life just sucks sometimes. Anyone else been feeling just depressed?


I’ve been living with depression all my life. Just have to learn to cope with life problems. I hope you’re doing well :white_heart:


Yeah, tbh. Life just wants to kick u in the butt. :unamused: Hope all is okay with u and anyone else in the community. :blue_heart:


I also have depression and it honestly sucks so much.

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I was 2 years ago. When I was depressed it indeed hurts you feel like things don’t go your way, and etc. but in my case it took 1 year for me to see the rainbows on the other side and moved on with my life. Now though I’m surrounded by my loved ones that make me feel like I belong here, making me happy loved and etc. Yes. It does take a while to get out of that stage but in the end it’s okay not to be okay. The very first thing I did I cried out whatever I was feeling, I wrote what I was feeling on a piece of paper and then crumbled it out and threw it out. Then I left my apartment to walk and just to clear my mind. Then 2 weeks later I did more things I loved. I watched some movies , series , I had my mom, some of my friends (I let them know that I was feeling a certain way. I wanted to express my feelings to them etc). I watched cute/funny videos on YT and then slowly I kept on doing it until I started realizing that I’m okay now and I’m happy I did whatever I did.

Though, I hope you do you and things will be okay.:white_heart:


sometimes it is. try to focus on yourself and your happiness, you matter, no one else :deaf_woman:t2: take care

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