Life is not a piece of cake by por-shi-a

it’s about my life when I got molested and am trying to encourage people your not alone he died in a freak car accident then she meets a guy later they fall in love she was told her parents were dead also the twist is this man who she thought was her uncle turn out to have kidnap her and waited until he was ready to break her spirit down and kill her childhood then. She only fifteen have to when all this happen turns out he also gave her everything when she died so now she just found out she pregnant it’s mess up a little cause the app keep missing up on me I need help I have that idea for it

what do you need help on ?? like specifically

Are you in need of help? if not, you might have posted this on the wrong catagory.

Yes I do need help

I just wanted some to join writing with me

Good night am going to sleep

I used to be broken some people would even say I was dead but I have learned over these last five years I was lost searching for real love seeing a gun to my brother forehead over our earthly fathers mistakes it amazes me how wrong I was chained down to lies sin death destruction I almost got married but I decided to move on with the wrong person now am almost married again but I decided to let him go he raped me beat me said I liked it I got pregnant no one was ready for that then I lost everything again I asked God why is am going through so much pain and sorrow am tired can’t you am judge all the time persocute spit upon on when you tell me to open up so I tell them they mock you curse but still I have to forgive them it’s hard I do know the pain you lived for our sins am sorry for my part in your crucifixion cause like some people this world I came from broken home I came from a motherless home I came from forced prostitution ring I came from being molested being pregnant by my uncle. I came from being one person leaving him for another I came from adultery in my life I came from hate I came from death. I came from possession I came from my house being raided by the San Diego police Department as a child and pregnant with my first child I came a dad who try to love us the right way but did not know how to be that strict especially with me I guess that’s why I do not think I will be able to really respect a man like that with my children. I came from being played. By my first love my sons dad Remy the youngest to not wanting love anymore or marriage all together I guess this pain was in my heart I forgot were he brought me from. I came for me he pursue my heart even though. I did not want anything to do with him. He used to Christian when I first got homeless to blessed me with food. Shelter money clothing even a job I had forgotten about this big miracle he gave me I went to church that week a new women on fire for God crying my heart out I would get up and thank God for everything has done at the time I was still struggling with lesibanism. Until I got pray for it then it left me all together

I was so happy next week I would go to Mexico God would use me. To save another women’s life to bring her closer to him she gave her life to him after I left then an angel came to shield me as I was leaving I was being shot at so this is what happen let’s go back so before I meet this women I saw many miracles I saw the blind getting their sight deaf being able to hear I saw the cripple get up and run and leave their well chairs it was amazing I loved it so while I was praying on the bus and fasting the whole day water fruit veggies and bible on the bus I had a vision my first one in a long time I saw sinner broken prositute lesbian. Death demons possession many other I saw her face then I.woke.up out the vision got up walked off the bus their she was I cry ask God please help me to speak to your daughter with love compassion being genuine let the holy Spirit lead me in every way cause I know their something important you want to tell me then the spirit took over then I was speaking to her without a person to get in the middle in the conversation I pray for her and her captives which was the cartel eight members plus her got saved cause my testimony God gave me. Then I went back the other part I had to leave cause their was three cartel members coming towards us to shot us and kill us but God protected us it was amazing I remember I was leaving and they tried to keep me but God made them let me go

So that was it I got back told everyone what God use me to do It was cool .

I remember I use to have many friends now I have none just alone all time cause I decided to be single focus on my walk with Christ but it’s okay God will show me when they are meant to be friends or a relationship until then thank God for it all it builds a strong foundation

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