Life Life Life Life is stupid


I hate life do you guys


Pretty much :joy: you might wanna put this in the general chat section because it’s not episode related




I hate life literally so much there are no words to describe my loathing but the dead can’t envy the living so why do I envy the dead? Seriously though recently life is literally so bad.


I hate life, but I also love it. Why? Because I have a dream, and the thought of achieving it makes me so happy. But, I hate it because of the obstructions I have to face. And the obstructions are really big.


I hate when people put u down just cause u made the tiniest mistake - but when someone else does it its no big deal
If u got some thing rude to say don’t say it
Cause if u say say it online - thats cyberbulling and u can get arrested
Im sure u won’t like it when people say to u that ur a slut or what shit