Life problems thread

Hey! :sweat_smile:
I know sometimes Life can be hard…So I’m here to help all of you, that are having issues. :blush:
-> I know that there is a time that every person feels alone in this big world.
-> I know that there is a time that you just want to lock you in your room and no one to bother you.
I had faced this problems multiple times so I wanted to help and made this thread!
Or just ask about Love
-> I will try to give you advice how to tell your crush that you like him/her!
-> If you broke up with your boyfriend/girlfriend I will try to cheer you up

Here you can share your problems with me and maybe we will try to solve them

:arrow_right:Dont worry to ask about anything! If you dont want to share your feelings or questions here, just DM me!


I’m here 24/7 so DM me anytime:grin:

So sorry if you didnt want to be tagged or if you’re tagged twice:pleading_face:


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YOU ARE PERFECT! :heart_eyes:


Uh, okay I have no life problems except for the fact that, life sucks and I hate everything and no one ever pays attention and that I hate everything and I’m bored and have nothing to do and I used at least seven “ands” in this sentence and I literally can’t stand it. :tired_face: Thanks for the thread! I’m so going to rant here.


Dont worry, if no one pays attention! You know what, I faced that problem already. But it’s kinda different. So, now I advice you just dont worry about the people not paying attention. YOU ARE PERFECT THE WAY YOU ARE! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
About being bored find a hobby. Maybe it will be difficult, but thre is a thing for everyone like drawing, make-up, sports, shopping, face care, music, etc.


Lol, thanks! The paying attention part was for a friend because I was teaching her how to draw digitally and she kept on asking how to do something two minutes after I finished explaining it for the SIXTH time! :sneezing_face:


Yeah, same here! Today I’m making an outline and one “friend” asked me how I do it? I explained 10th times!!

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I know! This was literally the second zoom call I had with her explaining the same exact thing. :sob:

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Yep, I know that pretty good

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My life problem? :thinking: figuring out what to eat for dinner.

Seriously…it’s likeI have to travel from the pits of hell to rise and conquer this damn battle. Why is coming to a dinner decision so difficult?

This should never be an issue :expressionless:


Hey, sometimes you feel like you dont know what to do and you cant decide. When I’m nervous or exhausted I feel the same. So just lay for a minute or two and think about your favourite things. BTW let me tell you what I usually eat for dinner
Chinese Rice
Chicken Noodles
Chicken meat
Or just some fruits
Hope I’ve helped

Chinese :rice: rice? omgggg delish. I 100% agree.

You’ve absolutely helped :heart:

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I get really emotional over like nothing even a kinda sad thought sends me in tears when it’s legit nothing.

I’m nearly always thinking about what bad things might happen in the future.

I have 2 seriously annoying younger brothers but the oldest out of them (birth younger than me btw) he is soo annoying whenever I try to mind my own business, he spies on me for some weird reason. He also is purposely rude to me really often.:cry::cry:


Hi, I have a young brother. I know what is like someone spying on you all day and you just cant think about your things. So I would advice you just to seat near him, and tell him:
“Brother, listen. I’m your only sister. Let’s play a game. I love you!”
These things make a world difference.

So, if you’re a teenager, yeah mood swings are a normal thing through the teen years. Anyways, its pretty annoying. I advice you to listen to music. This helps a lot. You can concentrate and your body forgets that (example: you wanted to cry)

Please, dont think about this kinda things! This is really bad. Be the absolutely opposite. Say to yourself: “Tomorrow, I will be optimistic! The world is a good place!”
Ya know, when we think about bad things, bad things happen, and when we think about good things, good things happen. So be optimistic and live the best you can. Dont live in the past or in the future. Live the moment

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I haven’t been doing well in school lately, and today I got in my mom’s van and was gonna teach myself to drive (IDK why) and when she found out she shouted at me for about two hours and made me feel like a failure. I feel like she doesn’t believe in/love me anymore and I don’t know what to do

Dont worry! Mothers are always like that. They want us to be perfect! But, no, we cant! Listen, dont worry, your mother still love you, like you do. Nothing can break the connection between the mother and the daughter. So, my advice is to tell your mother “Mother, you were right. I’m sorry about driving the van without your permission” Maybe She will be sad about shouting at you and hug you.

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I never actually drove it. She caught me. but I see your point.

Oh, ok. Yeah you can say…the same without the driving part :sweat_smile:

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My problem is that I have been overweight basically all my life, and I just want to be skinny and pretty like other girls. Recently, I started dieting and I have lost weight, according to the scale, but my body looks disgusting and I don’t know what to do.

I have been trying to have the mindset that “I’m not doing this to be pretty, I’m doing it to be healthy,” but honestly, sometimes it doesn’t work. I want to start working out more, because maybe I’ll lose more inches from my body fat, but I don’t know. It’s just difficult for me to stay motivated and keep going with working out. Sorry for the nonsense :woman_facepalming:t4:


currently I’m ok… but it’s an honor to someone would actually tag me


That’s really helpful :blush:
(And ur talking to an almost teen😉)

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College is so crazy right now, and my professors are just piling on assignments and I’m trying so hard to balance it with writing for episode and not only that I have some volunteer work I wanna do too as well as art and a personal project im doing. I don’t even think I can handle it all, I’ve been having to put episode aside for days and it’s my only way of coping with stress right now. And I may have a free day every other week but stress is still my main issue, cause the whole day I’m like “I’m wasting time I should be working on something”