Light up Overlays to let reader know if they were correct

So what I mean is I want the reader to guess the killer by the correct fingerprint, they are to move the slide over the sheet of paper that has everyone’s fingerprint on it, when they move the slide over each I want the slide print to light up red for wrong and green for right. I had someone make the red and green print overlay, now I get that I would have to layer the overlays but my question is how do I code it so they can get the right one?


You can do another overlay, preferably a yellow light one to make the bulb seem like its glowing.

Then try the code:
Choose the correct one

“Correct one”{
#overlay layering, scale and spot
@overlay YELLOWLIGHT opacity 0
@overlay YELLOWLIGHT opacity 0.5 in T
@overlay YELLOWLIGHT create
#overlay layering, scale and spot
@overlay YELLOWLIGHT opacity 1 in T

Your answer is correct!
}“Incorrect one”{
#insert anything here
Sorry, but your answer is incorrect

So I use that when the reader has guessed the killer and they are correct?

You can use a glow to let the readers know they’re correct, or use check-mark and x-mark overlay instead of a glow whichever makes you feel comfortable…

It depends on you if you want to use the code or not but that’s one way of doing it :slight_smile:

Have both the red and green light overlays inside the choices and set their opacity to 0. It they click the right one then set the opacity of the green light to 1 and vice versa if they clicked on the wrong one


Thank you!

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