Likes And Dislikes In Stories 🤔

Hey ya’ll!
I’m a new episode author and plan to finish up the first couple of episodes of my new story.
With that being said I would love to know what ya’ll like and dislike in episode stories. Whether it’s issues with character traits, clichés, back stories, anything! Just be honest and let me know what you guys think.

This discussion has additionally brought up some further likes and dislikes and here are a few to get a statistic for future reference:

  • Ink
  • Limelight

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  • Customization
  • No customization
  • Limited Customization

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what’s that?

edit: nvm i just realized what you meant


When a character has flash backs of the past


backstory in first chapter, it kinda suck, espically if its a sad one. it feels like its there so you can get some pity points for the MC (mane charatere)

bad directing. some people slag and put out stories they know are full of mistakes with a bunch of excuses dont do that.

and dont do a CC(costume charatere) only chapter.

no choices is also a no for me. I dont expect big impact full ones. but I do want some and outfit choice do not count

what I do like is a good plan story. where the story has a good flow and make sense. if a story is just random events or it jumps from place to place it can be pretty bad

Also I would like to recomand a youtube channel called terrible writhing advice. the videos are about what NOT to do in a story, and they are pretty funny


Thank you so much!
I’ll be sure to check it out!


I definitely agree with a lot of these. I hate it when stories dedicate one chapter just for you customize the MC and Mc’s entire family on their mom’s side and then their dad’s side then their best friend’s family and I’m like nope nope nope, I’m not doing this. Sometimes I don’t even like customizing the Love Interest, just my MC. Sometimes I’m content with how they look and just go with the flow of things.


Thank you!

What about limited customization due to descriptions and overlays? Do you mind that?


I hate when the MC has to win everything or do everything the best. :roll_eyes:


I also hate when they have to beat everyone up…like let them lose for once!!


I actually agree with that! It’s annoying


Limited is fine…but I prefer none :joy: :joy:


Character traits -

If you’re attempting at a comedy, or any story for that matter, don’t make the MC’s only character trait loving food.
I REPEAT DON’T MAKE THE MC’S ONLY CHARACTER TRAIT LOVING FOOD Nobody wants to see the MC obsess over bagels, pizza donuts etc. It’s overused, cliche, basic and it makes the reader dislike the MC because she’s most likely trying to be quirky and not like other girls.

Tip: I prefer confident MC’s who can prove that they don’t become “wEaK iN tHeIr kNeeS” when the LI appears but at the same time, don’t make the MC reek of confidence - it’s not a good look when you think you’re above everyone else.


We’re tired of the same quirky girl getting the mafia, gang leader, drives a motorcycle, werewolf, vampire, crown prince of england, magic wizard.
We don’t want your “Falling in love with __________.”
We don’t want your “Pregnant by the ___________.”
We don’t want your “Accidental pregnancy by the mafia, gang leader, drives a motorcycle, werewolf, vampire, crown prince of england, magic wizard who is also my teacher and the most popular and hottest boy in the school but we fall in love anyways because who wouldn’t.”
I could rant on about cliches but you’ll be reading until you reach the age of 75…

Tip: It’s really simple. If you’ve seen it before then don’t use it.


Honestly I want to put no customization in my story because it’s how the characters are described, part of their heratige, etc


I just died :joy: :joy: :skull:

We’re not saying make them shy but don’t make them think they’re all that!!


I didnt say that, I said dont do a cc only chapter, I dont do cc, I dont care how mc look.

though I will give you an advice on cc or no cc

first I find limited stupid, unleash its like you are using body overlays so it need to be this skin colour.
if you decide not to have CC you will hear complains from people, some even refuse to read a story with out. so I thinks its a thing you really shall think about. can you handle the rude comments about and are the reason for it worth it, if not adding cc you need to add it up to readers. is the missing cc because her look is importent to the story, will it have a big impact. or will it not matter, are you using body overlays and art scenes, if not I do recomand cc


Haha no it’s all good actually! I really appreciate it. And I completely agree about the food thing!
My story is called Shattered Souls, how’s that title?


Do you have a description yet, I would love to hear it?


What’s the story about?


Yess! I hate when the LI has way too much power over the MC but then again, I hate when the MC is cocky, rude and is in love with herself and wants everything perfect. The only exception i’ll make to someone is Sharpay Evans and Ryan. :revolving_hearts: