Likes, dislikes about stories

Okay so… I feel like some might have misunderstood my thread :slightly_frowning_face: So I have rewritten it. I am a writer and have been writing for a long time. What I really need to know is a consensus of what people like and dislike about episode stories such as:

Examples of dislikes
  • Too simple directions
  • Too much/lack of dialogues
  • Too many directions
  • No choice/ no choices that impact story
Example of likes
  • Interactive scenes; tappable overlays
  • Realistic scenes
  • Good descriptions
  • Other characters having their own scenes
  • Diversity - although this is something that EVERY STORY SHOULD HAVE, I have noticed many Episode stories that lack representation.

Those are just some examples!

I’ve been writing for a long time… and I am 20 years old so I have a lot of experience, throughout the years. I just need to know what’s more prefered in Episode since on Wattpad it’s completely different. My story isn’t out yet, and I am making sure that it is suitable for ages 13 and above, even if it’s a mafia story. It is being adapted to make sure it is suitable and follows the episode guidelines and no it’s not a cliche. :slight_smile:

There have been some really good points such:

  • Long outros
  • Author’s talking in the beginning before the story starts (although I personally don’t mind authors interacting).

Thank you! And again, make sure to keep it respectful down in the comments. :blob_hearts:


Thank you! That’s extremely helpful :blush:


author introduction, I do not care what the author have to say, and when they show the start and end of evry chapter to say stuff, there are completely unsesary, its annoying, and when the start arguing with characters or something like that its so cringy.

author asking austions about the plot in the end, I just read it I know, but thanks for point out the obvious.

breaking laws like its nothing, yeah I live in US and are 16 let me just go to the bar and get drunt wathever, there are no need for fake ID,

backstory in first chapter, it kinda suck, especially if its a sad one. it feels like its there so you can get some pity points for the MC (mane character)

dead parents, of course this depend on the story like in my story, they kinda have to be dead for the plot to even happen, then there are stories where they live with an authority figure there is basically the parent, why not just keep them alive then, unless is vital to plot dont start your story with dead pareants

bad directing. some people slag and put out stories they know are full of mistakes with a bunch of excuses dont do that.

and dont do a CC(costume character) only chapter.

no choices is also a no for me. I dont expect big impact-full ones, but I do want some. and outfit choice do not count

what I do like is a good plan story. where the story has a good flow and make sense. if a story is just random events or it jumps from place to place it can be pretty bad

Also I would like to recommend a youtube channel called terrible writing advice. the videos are about what NOT to do in a story, and they are pretty funny

i will only say dislikes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: hope it helps you…

  • Of course bad grammar and spelling, and also very descriptive romantic lines :confused: idk why i skip the lines, they just sound so cliche

  • The MC being a shy and stupid girl :roll_eyes: who doesn’t talk back to the rude LI :joy:

  • LI being a bad boy, uffff i hate it :tired_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

  • Obsessive and crazy ex gf or bf

  • The story being too slow, especially the splash, intro, outros

  • The female MC always being a virgin :unamused:

  • LIs who are self obsessed piece of sh*ts and always proud of their ‘charm’ :slightly_smiling_face:

  • LI or someone making any kind of bet :skull:

  • Students not wearing school uniforms :expressionless:


Just write whatever makes you happy. Readers here can be very picky but if you have a great story in mind go for it, don’t let anyone stop you from it.

Do refrain from writing

  • Mafia stories as it has come off as harmful.
  • Remember this is an app towards a young audience.

When writing an episode story make sure to add diversity.

Examples of adding Diversity

  • All kinds of races
  • Cultures
  • Mental Health
  • Disabilities
  • Religions

When representing these make sure to use the proper research :slight_smile:



  • Long intro-outro-splash.
  • Bad directing.
  • Love between the most innocent girl and the bad boy.
  • Unrealistic dialogues.
  • Love at first sight (Not when they feel the connection but when they say “Oh, it’s the first time I saw him/her but I would die for her/him.”, I’m out.)
  • Description narrations (Not about their feelings but when they start describing things about the background I’m out.)


  • Realistic characters/dialogues.
  • Psychological background.
  • Good directing.
  • Love interest who respects the other women.
  • The female character who can be strong without being rude. (Why do people think that women who are rude are strong?)

That’s all I think. :blush:

Stay Safe :cat:


From personal experience; if writing makes you happy go for it don’t rush it and don’t slow it down for yourself . What’s REALLY important is that you keep a good track with characters or story plots without harmful stereotypes or romanticizing/using any of the following

  • Toxic relationships

  • Emotionally abusive LI (or the stereotypical bad boy saying some straight up manipulative things to the MC)

  • Offensive stereo-types of racial ,lgbt or disabled minorities.
    (Example for racial offensive stereotypes; Making black folks “ghetto” or “loud”)
    (Example for lgbt offensive stereotypes; Gay twink luring in straight men and "influencing " them to become gay)
    (Example for disabled offensive stereotypes; Making a disabled person seem like they can’t do NOTHING)

  • Misinformed on topics such as mental health, someone’s cultural background, religious background and ethnic backgrounds.

  • Stockholm syndrome

  • Relationships moving in too quick


  • Basing MC’S only solution to their problems is by the love interest entering their lives

  • Using sexual assault as way to bond a relationship with MC and LI (As a survivor, that’s just not how things work sexual assault isn’t a physical thing only it’s literally mental and could give you trust issues and trauma towards sh*t that another person wouldn’t find triggering)

What I recommend you should do:

  • Keep it positive when you’re writing and take your time to analyze your story .
  • Make good characters with actually good background stories and fitting personalities.
  • A moral or life changing experience where the MC actually finds their problem and solves it without the LI
  • Raising awareness about topics that alot us would LOVE to know.
  • An actual reasonable story plot that doesn’t leave the reader confused.
  • And last but not least, keep your story real so the readers can relate and emotionally connect with your story! <3

Hope this sorta helps through! <3


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