Lil artist Zeph (OPEN for requests)

Hello talented writers of Episode

I’m quite new to the art world of Episode but I’d love to help anyone looking for a cover or a splash!

Here are some examples of the work I’ve done so far:

Cover art


The form for requesting a cover is here
The form for requesting a spash is here

I’ll get to them as quickly as I can, and I’ve got lots of experience with photoshop.

Auf wiedersehen! :cowboy_hat_face:


Could you possibly do this

I want one that says “This Story Contains Mature Themes And Strong Language” I want that one to be of the Mint haired guy holding the fawn haired girl in like wedding style with a smirk on his face and her smiling maybe add a knife to her hand that she is sorta hiding from him I want them both in the outfits they are in, in the photo…

For “This Story Contains Sounds and Music” I just want a closeup of the black haired girl doing a headbob with earbuds in (not the headphones drawn ones)

For “To Be Continued” I would like the mint haired guy to have the fawn haired girl on one of his shoulders and holding her knee and the same thing for the black haired girl on the other side

If this is too hard let me know…

Alright i’ll get to it!
Might take me a little while because this is a lot hahha
I’ll send you drafts over DM and once you’re happy with them I’ll send the full formatted versions :blush:

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Lol and okay :grin:

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