Lili's Art Shop [CLOSED TO CATCH-UP]

Hi! My names Lili and welcome to my art shop! Make sure to read everything before requesting.
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  1. No thread hopping (going from shop to shop requesting the same things from different artists)
  2. Credit: Please credit me if you use my artwork as a profile picture or in your story by mentioning me as @lilaepi on Instagram or Forums!
  3. Be Kind and Patient: Drawing/Editing is very time-consuming for me and with my school work on top, it makes it hard to get things done fast. Most requests take about 2 weeks to finish, just for an idea of how long you’re waiting. Note: I will drop a request if I feel that someone if being bossy and rude to me.
  4. Be appropriate: I will not stand for any drama on this thread, nor will I take any requests of pornography or promotion of drugs/rape/racism/discrimination.

Covers (can be both drawn and edited)

Character edits (non-drawn version)

Art scenes (drawn)

Character edits (drawn version)

Chibi style (drawn)

Realistic base sketch (drawn)

Unlike my other arts, I will give you a base sketch and you can draw over and create an edit using that pose I’ve sketched out for you. Note: I am willing to do any type of sketch but depending on how difficult it may be, it make take more or less time.
No examples yet.

Request form

What art you want (cover, splash, art scene, sketch, etc.):

How many characters (3 max):

Characters details with screenshots of each character:

Outfit with screenshots if non-episode related:

Pose (attach screenshot of pose if not an episode animation):


Text if wanted on art piece:

Accesesories (tattos, bowties, piercings, jewlery):

If you would still like to request after reading everything make sure to fill out the form and drop down a reply! ;D Also, if you would like to continue to support my work feel free to follow my Instagram @lilaepi

Slots open:

  1. @itsmellslikeupdog 2 char cover
  2. @gummybears1 2 char cover
  3. (open)
  4. (open)
  5. (open)

Waiting list:
The waiting list is for people who have requested before I cut off requests and I will do in the future when I get time!


I want one ,i need a cover for my episode but i’m really not the best at drawing i will like a request please :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi! I would love a cover for my story please :slight_smile:

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That’s okay, I used to be terrible at drawing lol :sob: Fill out the form to request!

Please fill out the form! :slight_smile:

can i text uu the form on your instagram or here?

I prefer here because it’s easier to keep track of.

@lilaepi Can you do LL as well?

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Art I want:art scene
2 characters:Kayla & Christian
Character details: Kayla
Skin color: olive
brows: Defined Natural
hair:beach wave hair
eyes: upturned bold
face:soft heart
nose: upturned
lips: classic (terracotta)
Character detail: Christian
skin color: olive
brows: medium sharp
hair: short cropped hair
eyes: stoic almond
face: diamond
nose: button
lips: uneven (terracotta)

pose for Kayla: flirt_shy
Pose for Christian: flirt_wink
Accesesories for Christian: Piercings & tattoo

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Don’t know if I did it right :confused:

Drawn or edited?

What piercings does Christian have? And what direction are your characters facing?

They’re facing at each other and Christian has a eyebrow piercing :slight_smile:

Your art is amazing! :grinning: :heart:

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i’m really not the best at filling in form but imma try

I will like a cover
i have 2 character

Body : neutral 03
brow : straight medium - black gray
hair : short flipped wavy solid - black dark
eyes : female generic - brown dark
face : diamond
nose : defined natural
lips : full wide - pink warm gloss
accessories for Sierra - she has 2 tattoos - sounds wave tattoos in snake and rose tattoo
she has a nose piercing nose stud sliver in a beauty black mole

Body : rose 04
brow : straight medium scar - chestnut brown
hair : messy undercut - light brown
eyes : deepset downturned lidded - brown light
face : sqaure long jaw stubble
nose : grecian narrow
lips : full heart natural - neutral medium nude gloss
accessories for allen : has 1 tattoo : tribal sleeve tattoo ,in a scar cheek on he’s right face

either pose like this idk lol


in they outfits

hopefully i didn’t mess up idk what i was doing

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@lilaepi both

@lilaepi mostly edited

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Your examples are incredible! Would it be okay if I requested?

What art you want (cover, splash, art scene, sketch, etc.): An art scene!

How many characters (3 max): 2!

Characters details with screenshots of each character:

Outfit with screenshots if non-episode related:


Pose (attach screenshot of pose if not an episode animation):

Either of these poses! Preferably #1 or #2, #3 is pretty hard and I don’t want to push you lol. (Xavier is shorter, Sage is taller!)

YCH Back to back CLOSED by GoldenTar

None, could you make it a png/blank background?

Text if wanted on art piece:
I’ll add the text myself, you don’t need to worry about it. :slight_smile:

Accesesories (tattos, bowties, piercings, jewlery): Xavier has freckles, that’s all! (Also, could Sage be blushing, and Xavier be blushing as well but not as much?)

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Take all the time that you need! My story won’t be ready to publish for a loooong time. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to review my submission.

If it helps: The idea of this cover (for an apocalypse story) is that a zombie clawed its way up from the ground to the top of this building. It doesn’t feel tired, however the limbs are feeling weak from the long climb, so the zombie should be very limp and parts of the hair should be stuck to the face from sweat, and the rest should be fairly flat.

What art you want (cover, splash, art scene, sketch, etc.):
Realistic base sketch. I would like for it to be fairly “realistic,” but a little cartoonish. Sort of like the Moana movie, you know she’s fake, it’s obvious, but the animation is fairly realistic. It can be a very rough outline. My sister will be the one finishing it up and she’s perfectly fine with details and shading.
How many characters (3 max):
Just 1
Characters details with screenshots of each character:


Skin Color: Ash 00
Face Shape: Triangle Defined
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Eye Shape: Monolid Slender
Eyebrow Color: Gray
Eyebrow Shape: Arched Thin
Nose Shape: Defined Natural
Hair Color: Gray
Hair Shape: Punk Pixie
Lip Color: Pink Peace Lt Gloss
Lip Shape: Full Heart Pouty

Outfit with screenshots if non-episode related:
Pants: Side Stitched Button Up Jeans Bloody Torn Denim Blue Oxford
Shirt: Sleeveless Turtleneck Cotton Red Burgundy
Shoes: Ballet Flats Leather Silver
Pose (attach screenshot of pose if not an episode animation):
Something like this, I just want a roof ledge, but I couldn’t find a good picture.

Text if wanted on art piece:
Accessories (tattoos, bowties, piercings, jewelry):
Blood Stain Neck Chest Red, Eye Vein Blue

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I want a cover in limelight (preferably drawn but i’ll take any)
Title: Drunk in Love
2 characters: Jo and Wes
Character details for Jo
Skin Color: Neutral 2
Brows: arched thick styled in dark black
Hair: Long updo wavy princess braid in dark black
Eyes: Round Downturned wide in grey
Face Shape: Diamond
Nose: Defined Natural
Lips: Small heart in Pink warm gloss
Character detail for Wes
Skin Color: Rose 3
Brow: Straight Medium in chestnut brown
Hair: Medium Wavy Taper in chestnut brown
Eyes: Deepset Downturned in green emerald
Face: Square Defined
Nose: Straight pointed
Lips: Medium Heart in fair rose
Pose: can i have Jo with her back up against a wall and Wes with his hand above her on the wall and they are about to kiss
background: any brick wall
i only want from the waist up with Drunk in love written at the top
Details: Wes has tribal sleeve tattoo and an eyebrow piercing

it would not let me put in my screenshots so i will just tell you the clothing
Jo is wearing:
Ruffled Striped Sleeve Shirt Cotton Yellow Blue
Belted High Waisted Distressed Jeans Denim
Pointed Toe High heels Pleather Grey White

Wes is wearing:
Short Sleeve Single Pocket Rolled Sleeve Neutral Black
Chain Accessories Ripped Jeans Denim Black
Sneakers Rubber Sole Canvas Grey Black
Tribal Sleeve Tattoo
Eyebrow Piercing Horizontal Barbell Silver

Thank you so much!!