Lili's R4R thread [OPEN!]

Hiya! Remember me? :face_with_peeking_eye:

Yes, it’s been quite a while…

But, I’m (trying to get) back to business! I want to start working on my stories again and read some Episode stories. And which other way is more perfect than starting a new R4R thread?! :innocent:

:ghost: Rules and more :ghost:
I can ask you to read the rules if I can clearly see you didn’t read the rules. I see it happening again a few times and it’s getting a bit annoying :upside_down_face:

  • THIS IS NOT A PROMOTING THREAD. Please only comment when you’re really interested in a R4R. You can promote your story on threads from other lovely people :heart:
  • Comment your story information, including the link, so I can easily find your story.
  • Please mention in your reply with your story information how many chapters we’ll have to read from each other. I have two stories (listed down below), so you can choose which story you want to read. We can also mix for a bigger amount of reads. There can be a total up to 16 chapters!
  • Please make screenshots while you’re reading the story, since I have the option to skip the chapter (in case you have to re-read). Send them to me in a PM on the forum or in a DM on Instagram after you’re done. I’ll do the same!
    Please don’t share your screenshots on the thread.
  • I’m only going to start reading your story after I received your screenshots.
  • Be kind and respectful, to me and others.
  • A reaction would be appreciated! I just can’t stand it when somebody doesn’t thank you or anything, especially when you’ve written a whole paragraph about how much you enjoyed the story (happened many times, unfortunately).
  • Bonus: You’ll receive a follow from me on Episode and Instagram :heavy_heart_exclamation:

:ghost: My stories :ghost:

LGBTQ+ romance/drama story in INK

Story name: Forbidden Love
Author: Lili Star
Genre: LGBTQ+/Romance/Drama
Amount of chapters: There are 9 chapters revamped for now!
Story description: It’s not easy being forcedly engaged to a prince. Especially not when you fall in love with his gorgeous sister, which is extremely forbidden in your own kingdom.
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Link: Episode Writer Portal
Small cover:

Mystery/Fantasy story in LL

Story title: Imaginary Friend
Author: Lili Star
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Amount of chapters: 7 for now!
Story description: Being the most unpopular boy in school, Tyler finally gets himself a friend. A friend with a secret, who nobody claims to see…
Story link: Episode Writer Portal
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Story covers:

:ghost: Waiting list :ghost:


Hello, I’d love to do R4R, I have 5 episode’s so we can do 5x5 :smiling_face: I’ll start reading (forbidden love) and send screenshots through pm when done :grin:

Author name: Marysol.Episode :blob_sun:
Story Genre and style: Romance, Limelight
Episodes: 5 and ongoing :blob_hearts:


Would love to do a r4r with you <3 3x3 only since i just have 3 eps out TwT
I’ll also be reading Forbidden Love since I already read Imaginary Friend way back hehe <3 (i still love that story huhu )

Will send screenshots through pms!

Title: White Canvas

Author: nayu.ep

Style: LL

Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)

Genre: Romance (1 Love interest, Slowburn, Sweet li, Highschool, Art club aesthetic)

Description: Hiraya’s curiosity led to her befriending someone who bears a strong resemblance to her sketches. Maybe her heart will be painted with warmth during this chance encounter?

Customization: CC except eyecolor and hairstyle texture is limited for MC, Full CC for LI. (No art scenes, MC and her family is full Filipino so customization is limited)

Choices: Gold choices can influence future scenes and ending. No points system.

Instagram: @nayu.ep

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Hey, everyone :blush:
Thank you for this and I’m up for R4R
This is my new story if you are interested in a Mystery story
Story: Hostel By The River
Genre: Mystery (Romance/Drama)
Style: Limelight
Episode: 5 (ongoing)
Description: All you wanted to start over, but everything changed in a way you never planned. you realized you were no longer safe, not anymore. something terrible is going on around you and your friends, will you be able to find it? the most important thing is
will you be able to survive?

Link to my story: Episode Writer Portal
Instagram : @red877.episode


Hi! I’d love to a r4r with your mistery story! Is 3x3 okay? Maybe we can make it longer once we finished doing 3x3!!! My story name is “In apnoea” by Jade

Thank you for opening this r4r thread :two_hearts: :two_hearts:


Hi! How many chapters would you like to read?

Thank you for this thread and I’m interested in R4R

Author : hipsy_writes
Title : Falling For Him
Genre : Fantasy
Description : Max doesn’t believe in the Myth of deadly creatures until she crosses path with Kito. What mystery awaits her when she gets involved with him? NO CC/ 1LI / Art Scenes
Style : Limelight
No of Episode : 5 episodes have been published and more episodes are coming
Link to the story : Episode Writer Portal
Insta Acc : @hipsywrites

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Can I, instead of a R4R just read your story and say what I think? I like doing that but I dont have a story out yet.

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Oh I love In Apnoea! Its a great story!


Of course :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Hello! How many chapters would you like to read?

5 chapters :two_hearts:

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Hi! I believe we’ve done a R4R before, but I’m happy to do another. Let me know which story you’d be interested in :grin:

Story 1

Title: Without a Trace
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Chapters: 15 (Ongoing)
Description: After her sister vanishes, Talulah sets out on an investigative search with the help of arcane criminology major, Avon. Will their perseverance and wit be enough to find her?
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Story 2

Title: Mind Over Matter
Genre: Drama/Comedy/Action
Chapters: 3 (Complete)
Description: When the world is ravaged by flesh-eating monsters, three soldiers must learn to survive together on a remote island.
Link: Episode Writer Portal

Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes
Thank you :purple_heart:

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Title: June.

Author: Aliceproductions.

Genre: Romantic comedy.

Chapters: 11 (complete.)

Style: Limelight/Classic (Ink cameo.)

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Description: Ritchie is a lonely graphic designer who has just created his most successful character, June. Entranced by her beauty, how will he feel when he meets her in real life?

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Hi there LiliStar!
I’d be very happy to do a R4R!
I just posted Chapter 5 of my story recently and I’d love to do a 5x5 :slight_smile:
I’ll start reading your story (Imaginary Friend) and send screenshots of when I’ve completed the reading material :smiley:

My story is . . .

Title: Keep the Change

Story Link: Episode Writer Portal

Author: VintageNyx

Style: Limelight

Episodes: 5 (story not complete)

Genre: Romance and Drama (1 love interest)

Description: Meet the man with a broken heart and the woman with broken dreams. Follow Clark and Daisy as they set out to discover the path to seeking their own true meaning of happiness and free themselves from the traditional views of life.

Customization: None

Choices: None


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Hello! I’d love to read Mind Over Matter :relaxed:

Great! I’ll read Imaginary Friend. When would you like to start?

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You can already start, if you want. I only start reading when I received all screenshots :slight_smile:


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I would love to do a r4r
We can both read 3 chapters each since only 3 chapters of my story are out now.
I’ll read your story now and send screenshots via Instagram.

Story title: The Crush Project

Genre: Romance

Description: After receiving an anonymous love letter, you team up with your worst enemy to turn your crush into your boyfriend :two_hearts:


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