Lillian's Art Shop {OPEN}

Welcome to my art shop! Here is some of my work.

-Must give me credit
-I can only do splashes or covers. They aren’t drawn, and I can’t do custom poses.
-Fill out the template:
What you want (splash or cover):
Background (I can make one if you don’t have one):
Details of your character(s) and screenshots:
What text you want on your splash/cover:
-Password: I read the rules


Can I have a splash? I know I can make splashes myself. But I would like one from you.
Backround: Light blue
Words: This story contains sound
No characters
Password: I read rules.

Ok thanks. I’ll be finished soon

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-I want a cover

-For the background Just put a light pink background


^^its just an default character lol for the details
-For the text I want it to say Being The Popular Girl

For the animation can you do a wink pose?

-Password:I read the rules

Here’s your cover. I made 3 versions.

Okay, thanks. Should be done soon

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I like the second one. And can you take off the period at the end.


Thanks. I was at on a family trip. Without my computer. So I can’t make it myself. Thanks!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

No problem!

oh,can you change the clothing for me.sorry.all pink clothes?

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Do you want a small or large cover? Or both?

Small.I will make the large


Here’s your cover

I just want to kiss thru the fucking screen…OMFG…You is talented…thanks…I’m about to cry…I’m definitely coming back…when I write more stories…:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Oh my gosh thank you :blush::heart:

can you make it smaller.Ther’s an error.Its too big