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Hey guys! So I’ve been on the Episode app and forums a long time. I’ve seen it change from the OG classic creator stories to the thousands of user stories it is today. Point is, I’ve read a lot of stories. A lot, a lot. And even though there are a lot of generous people with review threads (far better than this one probably) I’ve decided to open my own.

This review/trashings thread is purely for fun, but mostly to help you improve your story. The reason why it is a trashing thread is because although I will tell you the errors I come across in your story, I will give my honest opinion of the story as a whole, whether or not (in my opinion- I am wrong sometimes) I think it will be a successful story. I am not here to hurt your feelings- that is never my goal, this is merely a very honest opinion thread. Now let me get this straight, I value successfulness not by how many reads a story has, but the actual quality of the story. I am by no means the most qualified person to review stories as there are far better authors with review threads out there, but I have had a story featured and won a contest. Self gloating ignore it.

Now the rules. I am very busy. So the wait list will be closed periodically while I catch up. If you request a review while the list is closed, your review will not be counted.

  1. Fill out the form.
    Story Title-
    Author Name-
    Number of episodes-
    Story style- limelight e.g.

  2. I will add you to the wait list once I’ve located your story on the app and added it to my library.

  3. I will post your honest review and tag you in it. Feel free to ask me any questions about the review, I am here to help. Reviews should be posted within a few days- but can take a week or longer depending on how busy I am.

Important. My phone doesn’t allow me to locate stories via share my stories links- so if I cannot find you story on the app I cannot follow a link, it will be up to you to locate me on the app and follow me so I can access your profile and find your story (you can unfollow me after if you wish, I don’t mind.)

Fine print. I will read a minimum of 3 episodes of your story- more if I have time/I’m enjoying it. However, if I feel your story will need a complete revamp I reserve the right to stop before 3. Next point, I can refuse your review. I don’t have to say why, but I hold that right.

Wait List:
Torn Apart LL

Finished Reviews.
Hale Huna
Blessing In Disguise :ok_hand:t3:
The Devil Inside Me
Where The Shadows Belong
AW: The Dawn of Resurgence :ok_hand:t3:

Reviews are now OPEN!.


thank you!!

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oh would you mind PM’ing me the review? it’s fine if not but i would prefer it privately :))

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No problem :+1:t3:

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Story Title: Blessing in Disguise
Author Name: Eva.T
Number of episodes: 3
Story style: Limelight
Genre: Romance/Drama
Description: You’re a professor in a small town college. Will a first year student hold you back or a shop keeper hold your heart and save you from your unhealthy relationship?

Thanks for this x I’d love for you to trash my story :rofl:

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Story Title: The Devil Inside Me
Author Name: Cece Hunter
Number of episodes: 5
Story stye: Ink
Genre: Comedy
Description: As an anti-social goofball, being pregnant with baby satan himself doesn’t really help when you try to hate people less.

Also here’s the cover if that can help you locate it

Thank you so much! I look forward to getting your honest opinion! I really like your whole concept :smile: I trust that your opinion must be more “qualified” than others’

Btw what are your stories you were gloating about? I’d like to check them out!


Thanks haha, they’re on my profile on the forums. Btw the description of your story sounds funny as hell I can’t wait to read it! :joy:

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Ah I hope the story itself meets your expectations then. Can’t wait for your review! :blush:

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Is the wait list closed?

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Nope, I’ll make it clear when it is.

Hey! I would love for you to review my story! :blush: Thank you so much and I hope you like it! :black_heart:
Here’s my story:
Name: Where the Shadows Belong
Author: Dani
Instagram: daniepisodewriter
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure
Episodes: 7
Description: Alexia has known the demon world for as long as she remembers, but still, her life was simple until she decided to join supernatural hunters. And you? Are you willing to join them?
Style: Limelight

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Hope you will enjoy it! xx
Story Title: AW: The Dawn of Resurgence
Author Name- Ems
Number of episodes- 3
Story style- limelight
Genre- sci-fi/fantasy/romance/action/basically everything :smiley:
Description- In a world where dying is no longer inevitable,Aurora and her friends have to convince everyone that it doesn’t lead to their salvation…but to their destruction. <3 scifi action fantasy

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Thank you for the thread!

Also since there’s a lot of stories called Vengeance, type “Laura King” into the search bar and my story pops up!

Title, Vengeance

Author, Laura King

Description, After her fiancé was shot point blank Special Agent Bailey Lopez now finds herself a target as her fiancé’s killer is now after her. Will she escape or will Vengeance take over?

Genre, Action and Drama

Style, Ink

Chapters, 3

Instagram, laura_eps


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Story Title- Torn Apart LL
Author Name- SRS
Number of episodes- 6 (ongoing)
Story style- Limelight
Genre- Romance/drama
Description- You lost your faith in love years ago but then you meet a mysterious stranger through a coffee spill. Will he be able to capture your heart or will he break you even more? (CC, choices matter)

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Hey, I have a quite different type of reviews I need for my story :joy:

I posted about it in the forums but got 0 replies. Anyways! Here’s a copy-paste of my post:

Hello guys!
I’m currently working so hard on a new story, and I don’t wanna release it before getting some feedback first. You know, first impressions matter. :woman_shrugging:t2:
My story is going to be a fantasy, but it’s going to contain a bit of romance, drama, comedy, thriller… A bit of everything!
I use advanced spot directing (customized overlays and stuff), and I try so hard to pay attention to typos and grammar, so you don’t have to worry about that. :blush:

Description: When fantasy and reality merge together to define who you are and make your soulmate an opposite version of you; you have to go against the odds to make it work.


Please, contact me/ leave a comment here and I will send you the link to my story. I’m desperately in need of feedback, ideas, insights and more. If you have any cliffhangers at hand and would like to share them with me I would be FOREVER thankful! :pleading_face::pleading_face::pleading_face:

Thank you so much in advance!
Jihi x

I cannot read your story if it isn’t published, please read the rules before you post. :+1:t3:

Blessing In Disguise @Eva_Diva1

•Try to get into the habit of using the & command to put characters in idle every time they have finished speaking- if they’re frozen or still talking it’s a pet peeve of mine.
•Your speechbubbles are a little low, try moving them up it looks like their stomachs are talking to each other
•Did you mean Agatha Christie? Idk if you were trying to change the name a bit but you are allowed to mention her
•I can see Ivan’s feet poking out the bottom of the bed a little
•She be on fire? She is on fire.
•Am Lucy? I’m Lucy.

Things I’ve noticed
•Hang on the story is in limelight but the splashes are in ink? Confusing
•Ooh 3 types of choices nice
•Lucy is so pretty I don’t want to CC her
•Oof Roman can invade me anytime
•Nice directing with the movers and the town.
•Urgh I don’t like Ivan
•Please tell me Roman isn’t going to be her student at uni
•You don’t really need a back to present reminder- I can tell
•It would be nice to have experienced a choice of all 3 colours in episode 1, to show you mean business
•I love/hate Andre so much
•It might be neater to put the credits at the end rather than when the background/overlay appears
•The visuals of Lucy when she is immersed in the books are so cool and thoughtful
•Roman and Lucy are so cute together
•The end of episode 3 was kinda predictable

I loved this story. The characters are really developed, and I really connect with Lucy. Your directing is quite good too, I wasn’t amazed by it, but it’s still probably better than mine. My only issues are your speechbubbles, they’re too low in most scenes, it’s better to go through and fix them now rather than when you’ve got loads of chapters out. Also, the & command- get into the habit of using it. I enjoyed the pacing of this story too, the episodes were good lengths. I see no reason why this story shouldn’t do extremely well within the episode community, I’ll be recommending it none the less.

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The Devil Inside Me @cece_hunter

•Full stops at the end of sentences are a MUST for me. I noticed on the list of chores you were missing a few (don’t pay attention to my full stops in this review hehe)
•Your speechbubble placements are a bit low sometimes
•The first ep was a little short?
•Lucifer had no taking animation when he asked if Eve remembers the deal she made when she was young
•And his speechbubble wasn’t pointing to him

Things I’ve noticed
•Huh I thought the title was a metaphor but the description reveals it’s literal lol
•I thought I wouldn’t like Eve talking to the reader but it’s kinda funny
•Hahahah I love Eve already
•Is that a stock character at the coffee shop? Change the way he looks, it looks lacking in effort!
•Do you have a real knack for comedy I’m laughing so much
•Ahhh more stock characters!!
•Is it Eve like from Adam and Eve? And I noticed Luci Lucifer straight away lol
•Omg Eve’s face when she found out she sold her soul, is it a animation or a overlay?
•Lemme guess she’s gonna stop counting at 666?
•Wow nice hell background, did you make it yourself?

I have a few issues with your story. The main one being the pace was very quick. I don’t understand the characters very well, the only reason why I like Eve is because of her humour- but I’m not attached to her. What are her hopes? Her goals? The pace needs to be slowed down quite a lot. E.g. Eve is out for a walk or grocery shopping and she feels she is being watched…A little later she receives a note from unknown reminding her she has sold her soul. The comedy in the story is very good and I enjoyed it, but I couldn’t get behind the pace or the little character development. Your episodes were quite short too, make them at least 1000 lines. I did enjoy your story, but in my honest opinion I wouldn’t continue reading it. I really did enjoy the comedy but the pacing was a problem for me, I just didn’t feel like I cared enough about the characters to continue. I understand it’s a comedic story that isn’t meant to be too heavy on drama, but I don’t feel it went deep enough. I’ll be happy to read it again in the future if changes are made!

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Thank you for the review! I’ll definitely be taking these tips into account.
Haha I know it’s Agatha Christie but thiught I should slightly change it for legal reasons, since it’s ok I’ll probs change it to her real nama lol.
Thanks again x

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Haha no problem, you’re allowed passing references to famous people so you can say her name if you want, I can’t wait for the next episode :+1:t3:

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